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Bayside Corners: A sumptuous brunch awaits at Bayside Community Hall

Bayside Corners: A sumptuous brunch awaits at Bayside Community Hall

The chefs for Brunch in Bayside have sent along more details about next Sunday’s brunch menu.  The main dish will feature heirloom beans from Earthly Edibles, an organic CSA in Korbel. They grow a variety of interesting dried beans which I hear are quite amazing.  You can try them out at the brunch and then

At The Market: ‘Learn as I go and expand as I can’

Lou Schipper is one of the newest farmers at the Arcata Market. He’s been farming for two years but this is his first year on the Plaza. His booth, Schipper Family Farm, was filled last Saturday with lemon cukes so delicious you could eat them like an apple, squashes, cherry, Roma and heirloom tomatoes, peppers,

At the Market: Welcome to your market, HSU students

If you are a new student in Arcata, think of the Saturday Arcata Farmers’ Market as your reward for making it through a week of registration woes, getting lost on campus, and adjusting to new surroundings and classes. The market is a joyous place of community, food, music, food, friends and food and you are

At The Market: A bounty of basil

Tammy Southard’s booth has the most beautiful fresh basil at the market. The aroma pulled me in and I had to stop and admire it. All her other vegetables and starts were glowing on a grey day at the Thursday market. “My secret is that I put it in water,” she said with a smile.

At The Market: Nicaraguan tamales and salsa

Alba López makes wonderful Nicaraguan tamales. They’re wrapped in banana leaves and the spices are blended into the masa – really different from Mexican tamales. And she makes homemade salsa and banana bread too. Stop by her booth at the McKinleyville Farmers’ Market on Thursday afternoons to pick up an easy dinner – pork, chicken,

At the Market: It’s a farmers’ market every day at Farmstand

Kathy Mullen has got the vibe. Her beauty spot on Myrtle Avenue has all the fun and joy of a farmers’ market every day. She’s been a familiar face at the Arcata Farmers’ Market for years and years and she created her Kneeland Glen Farmstand five years ago to continue that positive experience. “I wanted

At the Market: Lacey Berns’ wild salmon – fresh from Alaska to Arcata’s Farmers’ Market

Lacey Berns is holding her canopy steady in the wind with one hand and selling wild salmon with the other hand at the first big Arcata Farmers’ Market of the season. She’s a woman who isn’t daunted by a little wind and rain because she’s lived through 40 summers of fishing in Alaska. It’s hard

Will our local pumpkin king be crowned on ‘Halloween Wars?’

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – At first glance, Mike Craghead seems like another one of those multitalented folks in Humboldt: musician, father, artist, but still working his day job with the county. They are among us and are our friends. We support their artistic endeavors and are proud of them but we also

Arcata Farmers’ Market mourns, adapts to sudden challenge

Kevin L.  Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA PLAZA – The North Coast Growers Association (NCGA) learned Saturday at 5 a.m. that it wouldn’t be able to use half the Plaza. With the Ninth Street side an off-limits crime scene, the market would have to adapt. City Manager Karen Diemer, NCGA Executive Director and Director of