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Arcata council to consider eviction moratorium, business assistance

Arcata council to consider eviction moratorium, business assistance

PUBLIC ADVISORY: THE CITY COUNCIL CHAMBER IN CITY HALL WILL NOT BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC COVID-19 NOTICE Consistent with Executive Orders N-25-20 and N-29-20 from the Executive Department of the State of California and the Humboldt County Public Health Officer’s March 19, 2020, Shelter- in-Place Order, the City Council meeting location will not be

Arcata City Council considering ballot measure to end community water fluoridation

Mad River Union ARCATA – Among the items on the Wednesday, Feb. 5 City Council agenda is community water fluoridation. Arcata has fluoridated its water since the early 1960s, and in 2006 defeated by 62 to 38 percent Measure W, which would have ceased fluoridation. According to a city staff report, Councilmember Paul Pitino has

Make-up Arcata City Council meetings on Tuesday will pick up where last week’s left off

According to Community Development Director David Loya, there are approximately 47 people that are “highly vulnerable” in the city’s current tenant-based rental assistance program. “There are at least three people who, if not for the program, would be homeless,” Loya said, and who are at risk of losing their subsidy if the application isn’t submitted in a timely fashion.

Arcata council meeting shut down by Lawson activists

Speakers also harshly criticized Mayor Michael Winkler for referring to opponents of the William McKinley statue as a “lynch mob,” for wildly overestimating costs of statue removal and for his private business entanglements which prevent his participation in city business – including the Creek Side homes development and annexation on the evening’s agenda.

Arcata Mayor Winkler ‘extremely proud’ of false, divisive statements as ethicists disqualify him from annexation hearing

Winkler is also compromised in serving as mayor due to his personal business entanglements. His company, Redwood Energy, continued to consult with developer AMCAL after it had submitted a project – the Village housing development – for city approval. That disqualified him from participating in the matter and left the City Council with four members and a tied vote on the matter. Prior business relations will prevent him from participating in the decision on DANCO’s Creek Side Homes project at this Wednesday’s council meeting as well.

More tax on pot biz? City Council: ‘Meh’

Steve Robles Mad River Union ARCATA – While considering different ways of generating revenue at last week’s Arcata City Council meeting, city officials decided to avoid weighing another tax on what some consider a considerably overburdened industry – cannabis.  After discussing the ways such a levy would be assessed with city staff, board members quickly