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I Block Party canceled, but you can still help Camoapa

I Block Party canceled, but you can still help Camoapa

Any amount raised beyond that goal will help to continue contributions to Hogal Luceros del amanecer, an organization in Camoapa which provides support to children, adolescents and families at risk, Camoapa’s local library, and more ongoing projects. 

Time to party for Arcata’s Sister City!

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union ARCATA – Labor Day wouldn’t be Labor Day without the annual I Block Party for Arcata’s sister city in Nicaragua, Camoapa.  Monday, Sept. 3 is the day where folks dance to live music, eat great food, drink local microbrews and kids play, all in the closed off area on I

Report: Sister City hogging bathroom

Flumber O’Plasma Madness Ribber Funion ARCATA, APRIL 1 – Pounding repeatedly on the bathroom door while exclaiming that it had to “pee like a frickin’ racehorse,” the City of Arcata threatened to initiate  trade sanctions against its sister-city, in retaliation for what City of Arcata officials alleged were the bathroom-hogging antics of municipal sibling Camoapa,