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Dueling cell sites: Just one Bottoms tower will stand

Dueling cell sites: Just one Bottoms tower will stand

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union ARCATA BOTTOM – ​County planning commissioners are ready to approve a 130-foot cell tower in the Arcata Bottoms area, convinced that improved service coverage is needed and the best option is a tower that can host as many carriers as possible. ​At its July 15 meeting, the Planning Commission considered

Letters: Arcata Bottom mega-grow needs an EIR

At least meet Nordic Aquafarms’ standard – do an EIR Humboldt County appears hell bent on approving massive projects like the mega cannabis grows and the (proposed) fish factory. In every case, citizens and environmental groups have been clamoring for EIR’s. So why is it that the county is so reluctant and unresponsive to the

Two new cell towers proposed for Arcata Bottom

Planning staff is bringing these applications forward to the Planning Commission as one item because the Humboldt County General Plan requires towers to be designed to minimize the visual clutter of multiple towers through screening and co-location. Staff’s recommendation is that the Planning Commission approve only one of these applications.

The Arcata City Council’s letter to the Planco re: the Bottoms mega-grow

April 22, 2021 Humboldt County Planning Commission 3015 H Street Eureka CA 95501 SENT VIA EMAIL TO: [email protected] Re: Arcata Land Company, LLC Commercial Cannabis Project Application No. 12255  Dear Humboldt County Planning Commission: The City of Arcata is writing this letter in response to the overwhelming public comment received from Arcata constituents. The Arcata

Planco hears Bottoms grow project again tonight

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – With more than a month to regroup, advocates for and opponents of the proposed Arcata Land Company industrial cannabis grow proposal for the Arcata Bottom will meet again Thursday night before the Humboldt County Planning Commission. In the intervening month since the first hearing, which was continued

Bottoms grow project sees pivotal changes overnight

A new project description in a Notice of Public Hearing for the special April 22 Planning Commission meeting on the ALC proposal describes an 8-acre project, far reduced from the original 22.9 acre plan. The newly reformulated project consists of 2.3 acres of outdoor light deprivation cultivation and 5.7 acres in new greenhouses.

Arcata Bottom grow downsized, delayed

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA BOTTOM – Planning Commission consideration of Arcata Land Company’s [ALC] proposed industrial cannabis grow on the Arcata Bottom was delayed last week at the request of the applicant, Lane DeVries.  While DeVries wanted the matter continued from April 1 to the Planco’s April 15 meeting, that agenda is

LAFCo reduces annexation to Arcata’s original request

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) last week reconsidered its controversial January 20 decision to annex not just the land needed for Danco’s Creek Side Homes subdivision and Ennes Park on the Arcata Bottom, but five additional parcels. After hearing from the appellant, property co-owner Sean Armstrong,