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Arcata Bottom barn, 187 tons of hay burn

Arcata Bottom barn, 187 tons of hay burn

Arcata Fire District ARCATA BOTTOM – Arcata Fire District was dispatched to hay on fire inside of a barn at the 800 block of Mad River Road, Arcata Bottom. As Arcata Firefighters were responding, dispatch reported the fire had spread to the structure and the barn was now on fire. Arcata Firefighters arrived to find

Carol McFarland: Access to the proposed Creek Side Homes project remains problematic

Twelve years ago we decided to preserve our small piece of the Arcata Bottom handed down from great-grandparents because of the possible annexation and development of a subdivision of 150 houses, and the inevitable widening of Foster Avenue for its principal entrances.  Why? At that time, the front door to our house was less than

Greg King: Why is Sun Valley spraying toxic chemicals on a new Arcata field?

Don’t be fooled by the expanse of pretty irises growing between Foster Avenue and Bay School Road in the Arcata Bottom.  Earlier this year, Sun Valley Floral Farms sprayed that field with the carcinogen glyphosate (aka Roundup) without adequately informing neighbors, the three nearby schools, or anyone in the densely populated Greenview/Windsong neighborhood of Arcata,

Why that Iris field on the Arcata Bottom suddenly turned orange

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA BOTTOM – Residents of the Arcata Bottom, and those who love its wide-open spaces, were recently surprised to see a huge field off Foster Avenue suddenly turn orange. Some thought it had been sprayed with an orange substance. The parcel, APN 506-141-019-000 at 3125 Foster Avenue, is owned

Manure Fest 2019 a mucky marvel

Mad River Union AF ARCATA BOTTOM, April 1 – With springtime fields hungry for nutrients, it’s time for the annual Arcata Bottom Manure Gun Festival, now celebrating 14 years of poo -splosive awesomeness. Attendees will be able to see 17 unique manure guns  in action, from a 2019 fully electronic John Deere BlassTER Mach 6,

Authorities: Piles of dead cows, dogs without water at Christie Ranch

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office ARCATA BOTTOM – During a five month investigation into large-scale animal cruelty complaints about properties owned by or associated with local rancher Raymond Frank Christie, Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies observed bovine bones and carcasses in/near waterways, as well as, areas on the properties where cattle were being contained with little to

Big Bottoms pot plant planned

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – For years, Sun Valley Floral Farms has been asked whether they’d get into the cannabis cultivation business once the drug was legalized. The answer has been, consistently and adamantly: no. That’s still the case, despite what might seem like an ideal and highly profitable extension of the