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‘Extremely modified’ OysterFest this weekend

‘Extremely modified’ OysterFest this weekend

Mad River Union ARCATA – The Arcata Bay Oyster Festival returns this Saturday, June 26 with live music outside the Arcata Playhouse at 1251 Ninth St. in the Creamery District. “This extremely modified event is small and offers a stage full of excellent local music,” states a press release from Arcata Main Street. The festival

Dedication, imagination made Arcata Main Street’s virtual 2020 Oyster Festival happen

Shoshanna Arcata Main Street ARCATA – June 20 seems like such a long time ago! I had been originally set to run the Flupsy (which is a bed of baby oysters) Kids Zone at the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival for 2020 as I had done in 2019. As the pandemic loomed we first did away

Arcata Main Street is seeking vendors and nonprofits for 29th annual Oyster Festival

Arcata Main Street public service announcement  Arcata Main Street is preparing for the 29th annual Oyster Festival! The 15,000 person event features our local bounty, environmental health, and the diversity of our community. It’s a celebration of North Coast culture where chefs, merchants, volunteers, and guests revel in award-winning oysters and other tasty non-oyster delicacies,

Michael Winkler: The McKinley statue is a needed reminder of moral failure and success

I want to explain why I as a member of the Arcata City Council have consistently supported the right of Arcata citizens to directly vote on the McKinley statue and why I support Measure M to keep our statue on the Arcata Plaza. The McKinley statue and President McKinley himself are in many ways the direct

The Arcata arrest that went viral across America

Jack Durham Mad River Union ARCATA – Videos taken of a woman being arrested in Arcata on Saturday, June 16 hours after the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival was over have gone viral and are being shown on television stations in Houston, Tex., Huntsville, Alabama, Greenville, South Carolina and other media across the country. The response

Arcata Main Street annual luncheon brings update on city issues

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Local businessfolk enjoyed wild mushroom lasagna, salad and a summary of current events by Arcata leaders at the annual Arcata Main Street (AMS) luncheon in the Plaza View Room last Thursday afternoon. Dan Tangney, tireless AMS volunteer (and as of last week, chair of Arcata’s Planning Commission),

Growing Arcata Vets Hall hits headwinds

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The Arcata Veterans Memorial Building and the organizations it houses continue to meet, eat, work, dream, improve and expand the venerable J Street facility. Friday night saw a lively meeting of American Legion Post 274 in the Great Hall, while downstairs in the Whiskey Locker canteen, the