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New Fotomat vaults Tyee City into tech era

New Fotomat vaults Tyee City into tech era

Charf Malvenard Mad River Union TYEE CITY, APRIL 1 – A bold initiative by Tyee City movers and shakers promises to send the micro-hamlet at the Mad River’s mouth rocketing into the 1970s.   The Tyee City Economic Development and Compost Committee (aka Al and Martha) last week announced acquisition of a “lot-proven” Fotomat booth

‘Delineations’: a soul-searing odyssey through land use regs

Richardson describes Delineations as a “wild ride and a cosmic gut punch,” similar to simultaneously sitting through a meeting of the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) while reading the Humboldt County General Plan and listening to the audio of the annual McKinleyville Community Services District Audit Report, but even better.