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Union unmasks massive Corona-spiracy

The Union probe turned up a number of other “random events” that presaged the onset of the plague, these being restriping of the crosswalk at Roberts Way and Wyatt Lane, installation of a new soda machine outside the Trinidad Chevron station and the burnout of a lighted floor button in HSU’s Theatre Arts Building elevator.

Wednesday, April 1 news briefs

  Mad River Union ARCATA, April 1 – With the no-no signs at the Plaza’s edge now serving as a basic guide to the pleasures available there – smoking, drinking, biking and dogging, a legal loophole now allows downtowners to use the town square as an open-air restroom for human and canine companion alike. A

Corona-proof couture conquers COVID

SAFE AND SEXY, APRIL 1 – Locals seamsters and seamstresses have mobilized to create protective gear for healthcare professionals battling the Coronavirus plague. And in doing so, they’ve elevated the normally utilitarian medical garb to a fashionable new level. Above, a Mad River Community Hospital anesthesiologist models a fetching body suit that fuses safety and style as never before. Submitted photo