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Board of Stupidizers news roundup

 Callisto Bodoni Mad River Union HUMBOLDT, APRIL 1 – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors decided last week to make all uses principally permitted in all zones throughout Humboldt County. The decision, part of the board’s never-ending update of the General Plan, will allow anyone to do just about anything anywhere at all hours with

Council spanks mayor, tasks staff, pats self on back

By Maynard-Tiffany Wilberforce K.B. “Theobald” Rhiannon-Sanchez Twimbleton Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – In an official proclamation endorsed at its April 1 meeting, the Arcata City Council has formally commanded Mayor Michael Winkler to curtail the over-the-top, flamboyant displays of wasteful excess, rhetorical and automotive, which have become his signature in office. The gangly councilmember

Humboldt Baykeeper launches whaling campaign to counter sea level rise

Narv Neldman Mad River Union HUMBOLDT, APRIL 1 – Humboldt Baykeeper has launched an innovative new program to combat sea level rise, increase local food production and create new jobs through whaling. The effort revives a traditional industry that played an important role in the development of Humboldt County in the late 19th and early

OysterFest 2015 will have everything – seriously, everything

Garamond Minion Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – Seeking to reinvent the 2015 Arcata Bay Oyster Festival, director Nancy Stephenson decided to include the most successful features from previous Plaza events. All of them. In addition to the usual oyster-themed activities like the Oyster Calling Contest, food booths and music, 2015 OysterFest will include the Farmers’

Dumping=free speech

Rockwell Wingding Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – Efforts to clean up Liscom Slough and various locations throughout the Arcata Bottom hit a major snag following last week’s decision in Humboldt County Superior Court declaring dumping a form of free speech. The City of Arcata and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department had cited Manila

Billboards bump uglies on the bay

Andale Courier Mad River Union HUMBOLDT BAY, APRIL 1 – The local chapter of the American CIvil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit against activist and former Arcata City Councilmember and bay billboard-tilter-atter Dave Meserve,. The civil rights guardians contend that Meserve’s efforts to get billboards removed along the U.S. Highway 101 corridor between

The Legend of ‘Lady Loo’

Pixton DuQuesne Jr. Mad River Union ARCATALANDIA, APRIL 1 – Comedienne and radio personality Sherae O’Shaughnessy has a new passion, and Arcata is reaping the relief. The Humboldt-famous star of stage and radio has also become a celebrity in the blue-tinged shadows of Eighth and F streets, where Arcata’s new Portland Loo casts its comforting