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Arcata tracking rise in property crime, violence

ARCATA – Arcata’s Public Safety Committee took tangible steps last week toward developing civilian police oversight in Arcata. It also heard alarming news of a pronounced year-over-year jump in crime – both violent and property crime cases. With Chair Lettie Dyer absent and Vice Chair Jesse Lopez having resigned, Melissa Lazon was elected to the

Arcata Public Safety Committee thrust into forefront

In figuring out how to manage the daunting workload, including assignments from the City Council and its previous ongoing projects, the committee decided to form two subcommittees – one on APD’s budget, and the other on civilian oversight – and give them two months to do a deep dive into their respective topics. 

APD Chief Ahearn asks officers to step up for human rights

I am asking you APD to step up and answer the call. Be a leader. Set the example.  Do not sit back and watch an unjust application of force take place or tolerate inequality or discriminatory conduct towards a person of color or anyone who is being treated differently because of who they are. Take risk. Do the right thing.  Intervene. Always. There are no exceptions.  Serve with honor  For all people.

APD reboots its enforcement approach to Valley West

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union VALLEY WEST – With new leadership and new law enforcement challenges in Valley West, the Arcata Police Department is reapproaching its enforcement priorities for Arcata’s northernmost neighbohrood. Last Thursday at the Hampton Inn on Valley West Boulevard, APD hosted a community meeting to ask area businesses and residents what