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Annie & Mary & Blue Lake this Sunday

Annie & Mary & Blue Lake this Sunday

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union BLUE LAKE – If you don’t have fun in Blue Lake on Sunday, July 14, you are either a historical figure or long gone.  But in Blue Lake even the historical figures have fun, dressing up as the bookkeepers for the Arcata Mad River Railroad. These women, Annie Carroll and

Blue Lake Notes: ‘Put a lid on it’

The Mad River Grange continues to work on raising money for a new roof. Anyone can donate to the “Put a lid on it” campaign to help raise funds for the roof.  The Grange hopes to be able to put the new roof on this year. I’m also pleased to announce that the Grange has

Blue Lake Notes: Summer is almost here, and April has plenty of good advice

Sometimes it honestly baffles me how fast time seems to just fly on by. I cannot believe that summer is literally right around the corner, with school ending for most on either Thursday or Friday. If you are a parent, hopefully you have already looked at the myriad opportunities for your child to continue to