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Town divided, accusations fly over controversial Plaza monument

Town divided, accusations fly over controversial Plaza monument

Ray Rumsey Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – One of the Plaza’s most venerable fixtures, next to Sunflower, is the Temperance League Fountain on the square’s west side. The 1912-vintage fountain is also one of the town’s most divisive landmarks, with advocates for removal doing rhetorical battle with fountain loyalists online and in public

600-foot-tall Mayor Sofia Pereira on downtown rampage

Blamph Scrimble Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – An unlikely sequence of events resulted in severe damage downtown last Thursday morning as a Godzilla-sized Sofia Pereira went on a cross-Plaza rampage. The mayor had been walking past Jacoby’s Storehouse sipping a quantum energy smoothie from Co-op when she was struck by a bolt of

Egg scandal parboils newspaper

Blooge Verminton Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – A lapse in journalistic standards has engulfed NoHum’s weekly newspaper in scandal. The matter came to light when the Union published photos of 2nd graders from Mrs. Toynbee’s class at McKinleyville Elementary school who won the class’s annual Easter Egg Decorating Contest. In a shocking revelation,

50-year bongwater buildup brings city-wide THC sludge upwelling

Flora Glack Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – Despite their powers of absorbency, Arcata’s couches have historically proven unable to soak up the oceans of spilled bong juice unleashed on them daily since the 1960s. Much of this precious, THC-laden brownwater resource is simply poured into drains or flushed with pride down toilets. Now,

Butcher paper shortage paralyzes gov’t, industry as ButchCo offers generous terms

Nerk Norkle Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – Multiple classroom coloring projects, civic scoping sessions and virtually all meat-wrapping in Arcata slowed to a halt last week as part of the sudden nationwide shortage of butcher paper. The rolls of heavy white paper – designed to contain meat juices, to record marking pen scrawls