Suspected Princess the Pig slaughterer, neighbor arrested

Princess in her final moments, secured in a driveway. Photo by Mir de Silva

Mad River Union

HUMBOLDT – Jeffrey Cody Miller, the prime suspect in the March 23 killing of Princess the Pig, was arrested by Fortuna Police last Thursday, May 16.

Miller was arrested on drugs and weapons charges, plus the warrant for his arrested in the Princess killing following a 1:44 p.m. call to the 2300 block of Sandy Prairie Road. He is apparently being held on additional charges of felony vandalism and assault as well.

Jeffrey Cody Miller

Miller was identified by Arcata Police and a family member as being at the scene of the pig's slaughter. A family member who witnessed the butchering operation in a neighbor's garage said Miller was apparently managing the processing of the pig's meat, assisted by yet another so far unidentified individual.

In forwarding the case to the Humboldt County District Attorney's office, APD recommended a charge of felony grand theft. It's not yet clear what the DA's office may charge him with over the pig killing.

Update: see below.

The beloved family pig had wandered away from its Park Avenue home in Arcata, and wound up on nearby Shirley Boulevard. After briefly befriending an area family, the pig was left tethered to a pole in a driveway. Miller then turned up, fully equipped to butcher the animal – possibly, the pig's owners and others later speculated, after being summoned to the scene by the family's next door neighbor, Ed Ramos.

At a subsequent neighborhood meeting, APD officers were asked whether the Ramos might be charged with conspiracy. Police didn't rule it out, but said Miller's arrest would have to take place first.

Princess's owner, Carrie Hogan, said she was notified of Miller's arrest by District Attorney Maggie Fleming on Monday. The family was relieved at news that Miller had been arrested, but, said Hogan, "that doesn't give us our Princess back."

UPDATE: According to DA Maggie Fleming, Jeffrey Miller and Ed Ramos have both been charged with felony animal abuse and grand theft. Miller has been charged with being a felon with a firearm and Ramos has been charged with receiving stolen property. Miller will be arraigned today at 1:30 p.m. Ramos has been given an arraignment date of June 4.


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