Susan Rotwein announces bid for Harbor District seat

Rotwein etal (see caption)

Submitted by Rotwein for Harbor District Board:

Susan Rotwein, owner of a McKinleyville retail/wholesale seafood business and a commercial fishing boat, will contest the District Five seat on the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation & Conservation District board of commissioners. The election will be held November 3.

Susan RotweinIn announcing her candidacy, Ms. Rotwein said, “The Harbor Board lacks a long-range plan that focuses on jobs. Once put into action, such a plan can increase District revenue which, in turn,  can strengthen its recreation and conservation programs.

“Instead the Harbor District has gone heavily into debt over the cleanup of the pulp mill and has devoted much of its attention to seeking grants for revenue.”

She added, “The District’s plan should begin by getting the harbor dredged for ocean-going vessels; by examining closely all the modes of transportation in order to create the most efficient mix; and restoring the fishing fleet infrastructure by working with the private sector to build a new cold-storage plant. And, the Board needs greater transparency in its affairs and meaningful communication with the citizens its serves. The time for all this is now.”

Ms. Rotwein is contesting the seat now held by Patrick Higgins.

A graduate of Humboldt State University, she has lived in the Fifth District since 1981 and has served on both the Trinidad Planning Commission and City Council.

She is married to Zach Rotwein. They live in Trinidad with their son, Sam, a senior at San Jose State University, and daughter, Grace, a graduate student at Washington State University in Seattle.


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