Supes to take another stab at sea level rise study

Mad River Union

HUMBOLDT – The Board of Supervisors will once again consider whether to send a letter of support for a grant that would fund a study of the dunes from Centerville to Trinidad. The meeting begins at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 7 at 825 Fifth St. in Eureka.

As previously reported, the board had considered the matter on March 10, but waffled after concerns were raised about the removal of European beach grass.

The board decided to have supervisors Mark Lovelace and Estelle Fennell come up with a letter of support that would include the board's concerns.

Below is the new letter drafted by the supervisors:

15-318 - Friends of the Dunes Climate Ready Grant Letter of Supp

15-318 - Friends of the Dunes Climate Ready Grant Letter of Supp


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  1. Jack Durham said:

    Actually, there was a miscalculation by a financial advisor as to the amount that water rates should have been increased. Because of this, ratepayers were being charged less than they should have been charged. The rates were then raised to the proper amount, along with an additional increase to make up for the money that wasn’t collected from ratepayers the previous year.

    No money was actually lost.

  2. Rightest versus leftist said:

    Ya, and the mcsd last year forgot it had to purchase water. Five Bod’s cost mckinleyville $500,000. Then, mcsd raises rates on 4 separate occasions as scheduled.

    So, John, Bill, Dennis, Helen and David each owe $100,000. Pass along the news Uri.

  3. Uri said:

    This letter has been supposedly signed and sent before it came back to the board. It is clear that they were directed on March 10 to bring it back before approval. What is up with that?
    Odd how Andrea Pickart and Carol Vandemeer were invited to help draft the letter when they have been the cause of much concern over dune management issues. Those of us bringing up the multitude of concerns were not invited.
    Mr Lovelace less than a year ago wrote me an email that claimed it was only a few of us who were concerned about sea level rise and the changes that “restoration” has on the dunes. Now that he can perhaps help his pals get a million bucks he thinks we should fund a study that has those who did the work do the study. Fox studying the hen house.
    Mr. Lovelace still refuses to take a walk on the dunes with us saying it will only offer a “snapshot in time”. That snapshot will reveal hundreds of dieing native pine trees in Ma-lel and Lanphere where BLM and FWS stripped the grass off the dunes. It will show where the industrial pipeline has been exposed yet again in this same area costing water rate payers tens of thousands of dollars.
    That walk will also show incredibly lush habitat where the pines are doing fine and the pipeline is safe. That is where the beach grass remains.
    It is not so much we need a study it is more like we need our heads examined to keep on with this foolish and very, very expensive experiment. And we are not even calculating in the cost of repairs. Yet.

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