Supes: If you do nothing else, fix the airport’s name

It’s been well over a year since the Board of Supervisors changed the name of the county’s main airport to the California Redwood Coast Humboldt County Airport. But you’ll notice that very few media outlets use the name, nor do local residents. That’s because the new RamblingJackBoxname is utterly ridiculous and universally despised.

Just say it out loud. Take a deep breath and repeat after me: California Redwood Coast Humboldt County Airport, in McKinleyville. Now go put this newspaper down, count to 100, and then repeat the new name. You can’t remember it, can you?

That’s because the name is way too long. It’s unwieldy. It’s got no flow, no rhythm. It’s the opposite of catchy. So instead of using the new name, people just call the airport by its old name, the Arcata-Eureka Airport. It’s not a sexy name, nor is it very accurate, as the airport is located in McKinleyville, but it gets the job done.

The idea behind the new airport name was to better market our area, to give travelers some idea about where we are located. Redwood Coast Airport would have accomplished this. So would Redwood/Humboldt County Airport. Almost any combination of words, with a four-word maximum, would be better than the new name.

The Board of Supervisors should revisit this issue and scrap the new name. Sure, there’s probably a better name out there than Arcata-Eureka Airport. But there’s also a worse name, which is the new name. Let’s make things better, not worse. That’s a good strategy.


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  1. TeufelWolf said:

    They most likly hired a consulting firm for a $1,000,000, and then consulting firm did focus groups in Los Angeles, made up of professional focus group whores (PFGW), and PFGW generally try to get in out and quick as possible for their honorarium, and so they where like “Yeah what ever, that sounds good, can we have our $100 now”.

  2. TeufelWolf said:

    Yeah – No here in LA calls the Airport The Tom Bradley Airport, we just call it LAX.

  3. TeufelWolf said:

    Call it Ghost Town Airport.
    No one can afford to fly into it anyways. $400 R/T from LAX to ACV has really cut back on the tourism dollars I spend in your area when I visit, and how often I visit. When it was only around $250 to fly in and out, I did a lot more dinning out with friends, buying Cheese at Loleta to take home, etc.
    At least get Amtrak to be more flexible about letting people use their bus service without a train segment. If you want to go from the Bay Area to Eureka by Amtrak you have to board in Riichmond, take a 5 minute train to Martinez then wait 1-4 hours for a bus.
    If you want t travel say from Eureka to Petaluma by Amtrak, you have can not de-bus in Petaluma even though the bus stops in Petaluma, you have to debark in Martinez and spend 1 to 4 hours driving back to Petaluma over the Lakeville Highway Parking Strip.

  4. Frank said:

    Right On! Rename it the McKinleyville International Airport

  5. Julie Timmons said:

    I can’t believe the FAA will let it stand. There are serious safety considerations to such an awkward and hard to remember name.

  6. clinton notestine said:

    i just saw on the news that the sign is still up for “arcata-eureka airport”

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