Sun Valley Done In By ‘Drift’

Mad River Union

hemp leafARCATA BOTTOM, APRIL 1 – Claiming that it can no longer ensure the purity of its genetically engineered marijuana crops, Sun Valley Cannabis Farm last week shut down the last of its operations on the Arcata Bottom.

The company blamed a phenomenon known as “pollen drift” for carrying genetic material from organic grows onto its cannabis crops. The myth persists among some farmers that windborne “feral” pollen will blow onto their fields, dilute the plants’ engineered genes and trigger lawsuits for DNA theft  from independent growers.

“It’s akin to second-hand smoke,” said SVCF Managing Partner Jane Febreeze. “Drift patterns could contaminate, even ruin, our carefully formulated products. Worse, these organic farmers have sued other companies into oblivion.”

No evidence of feral pollen drift or related legal action are known, but Febreeze was undaunted. “Why do you think 37 countries have outlawed ‘wild weed’?” he wondered.

Sun Valley has sold the former cannabis-cultivation area – used in the last century as the Simpson Timber mill – to Interplanetary Pudding Corp. for its new space amusement park.



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