Study would help leaders make informed choices

The land around Humboldt Bay is slowly subsiding, while sea levels are rising, creating a double whammy that will eventually threaten properties, infrastructure, industry, housing and natural environs.

RamblingJackBoxIn preparing for the inevitable trouble that lies ahead, planners are looking at how to brace dikes and levees and how to manage wetlands and tidelands to provide maximum protection against the rising waters.

The main bulwark protecting the inland areas is the littoral stretching from Trinidad to Centerville.

When deciding how to prepare for the rising waters – and deciding how to manage the beach and dunes – it is of the utmost importance that leaders make informed choices based on science.

That’s exactly what the proposed Coastal Dune Vulnerability and Adaptation study would provide leaders – scientific information.

The five-year study would look at the coastline from Trinidad to Centerville and carefully map and measure the topography.facebook-like-button

Researchers would look at 50 separate transects and measure them twice a year, providing hard data on how the dunes move, fall and rise. The study would look at various adaptation strategies and assess ecological and infrastructure vulnerabilities.

The Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge is the project lead and hopes to assemble a team of top notch experts in the field to tackle the study. The project sponsor would be the Friends of the Dunes.

The project has broad support from a variety of agencies, but when the Board of Supervisors considered a letter of support during its meeting last week, it waffled. The board heard from The Usual Suspects who provided anecdotal evidence that they claim shows that dune restoration is somehow harmful.

These claims have been repeatedly made year after year. Do they have any merit?

One way to find out is to conduct this study, Among the transects that will be measured are sections that have been restored and sections that are thick with European beach grass, and everything in between.

The study will provide hard data to show, exactly, how these dunes should be managed to face the challenges of the future.

The Board of Supervisors should enthusiastically support the grant application, as should everyone.


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One Comment;

  1. Warner and Lambert said:

    Dear Jack, all you need to do is look check out the bitches behind the name FOD. If that does not offer you an insight to the “got to be fraudulent financially motivation then look at the beach. What you are looking at, the after war effects where it looks like a bomb went off and all life is gone. Check out the sand how it’s just caving in.

    This study is a report that will be created by the criminals that made the mess you are looking at today.

    If I were a student but got to grade all my own work, I think I would enjoy straight A’s.

    Now pay me to write this report to the tune of $500,000 and I will get an A +.

    The study will provide NO hard data. The study will show that Friends of the Dunes will continue to ruin our coast and keep us from enjoying the beach. It will show more of the same only.

    FOD will not let any real science prevent or stand in the way of collecting grant money. The only real science behind FOD is collecting grant money. I have more respect for drug dealers than people living off wetland restoration grant money while they destroy the wetlands and claim to be experts.

    Contact the east coast and ask the experts there. They learned the hard way and are now doing the reverse of what FOD says claims to be science.

    Jack, relax because I predict that Lovelace is going to fix the document and the Board will not waffle anymore. They will support the criminal behaviors of FOD killing trees and bashing and draining our wetlands until they are gone. You will be pleased to see that FOD you can still call your hero.

    Jack as long as you write crap in support of morons and criminals I would not buy into this madriver. You were on your way, but so fast you are to run in the same direction as the Times substandard. Dam I thought you were going to be the one I could count on to have thicker skin and not be sucked into a popularity high school cheerleader mental case.

    I’m sick of playing nice and being told that women are to be treated special and the women walking down my back and grabbing my wallet looking down at me calling me a sucker for not defending myself. FOD is dishonest. They are no way interested in anything other than the free ride with government money.

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