Steve Madrone: It’s about sustainable development

To Our Community,

I would like to take a minute to clarify my position on proposed development. I support responsible development in our communities; that includes on the Trinidad Rancheria (TR). 

I respect sovereignty as well as private property rights. These rights are not open ended. If we are doing something on sovereign lands or on private property then we have the responsibility to not cause negative effects to our neighbors. Rights and responsibilities, they go together.

Fifth District Supervisor Steve Madrone

When the Rancheria rolled out their master plan almost 10 years ago the community attended a workshop put on by the Rancheria. Most in attendance supported the proposed 2- to 3-story rustic hotel that was presented. 

Since then the Rancheria ended up deciding to build a 5 1/2-story hotel that does not have enough water and is out of place for the local environment and community. I still support the smaller rustic hotel, as does most of the local community.

Then there is the freeway interchange plan that would supposedly mitigate for the increased traffic impacts in Trinidad from the large hotel. The preferred option in that traffic plan is a full, 4-way cloverleaf that has many other impacts off of the TR sovereign lands. That option only benefits a private development. The preferred option, as do most of the options in the plan, require condemnation of private lands. 

I support the option in the plan that would provide an overpass between the TR properties on the east and west sides of U.S. Highway 101. No taking of private land is required for that option. 

I do not support funding this project with public funds as is currently happening. The public funds should be going into maintaining Scenic Drive. That would benefit the entire community.

This is about sustainable development and working together as a community to help make that happen. I have spent the last 47 years volunteering in this community to help us develop sustainable water supplies and to create sustainable development. I will continue to do just that. 

Steve Madrone



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