Sheriff’s Log: Every junkie’s like a setting sun

Wednesday, October 7 8:26 a.m. Caroline Boone went to a daycare center on Hiller Road in McKinleyville and was allegedly verbally abusive to a mother who was dropping off her child. Boone was arrested on suspicion of violating a domestic violence restraining order and booked into the county jail.

SheriffsLog• Friday, October 9 8:40 a.m. The investigation continues into a home invasion robbery that took place on Fickle Hill Road just outside of Arcata. Three men wearing masks entered a house, struck a male occupant in the head with a gun, then bound his hands and feet with duct tape. A female occupant had her hands bound with duct tape. One of the robbers then shot at the floor with a shotgun. The robbers were reportedly looking for a nice cache of marijuana and money, but all they got were 20 drying pot plants, two iPhones and an iPad. They fled in a reddish Bronco. Deputies found the possible suspect vehicle 400 yards away from the home, towed it into storage and obtained a search warrant to get inside.

10:07 a.m. The Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints over the last couple of months of a male pounding on the door of an ex-girlfriend’s residence on Sandpiper Lane in McKinleyville. But every time deputies arrive, the door pounder is gone. This time deputies got lucky and the man was there. He told deputies that he used to live at the residence and he was just trying to get some of his stuff back. On scene was another male, who said he was the woman’s new boyfriend. He claimed that the door-pounder guy had physically abused the woman. The woman, however, has never been available for deputies to make a report.

• Saturday, October 10 6:36 p.m. An employee of Big Kmart in McKinleyville called the Sheriff’s Office to report that a man with a hypodermic syringe had been in the store’s bathroom for more than an hour. David Yale was arrested on suspicion of being publicly intoxicated on heroin and booked into the county jail.

• Sunday, October 11 8:52 a.m. Deputies were summoned to a residence on McKinleyville Avenue after Jason Seidel allegedly slammed his on-again, off-again girlfriend into a sink. He was gone when deputies arrived.

7:56 p.m. A deputy pulled over a vehicle on Central Avenue in McKinleyville because its tow hitch was blocking the view of the car’s license plate. Shelly Luna was cited for allegedly driving without a license, which had been suspended.

Monday, October 12 11:56 p.m. A man on Coach Way in McKinleyville was going to a house to meet with a female friend when an unknown male struck him in the side of his head with a closed fist, then pushed him over a fence and onto the ground.

Tuesday, October 13 12:50 a.m. Methamphetamine is not a drug for the faint of heart, especially when consumed in mass quantities. Marissa Wheeler had ingested so much meth that she called 911 from Trinidad four different times stating that she was dying. The day before she had also called 911 and reported that she was having a bad trip, so she was taken to Mad River Community Hospital in Arcata. Before she could receive medical treatment, she left. Now she was back in Trinidad, causing a disturbance at the Chevron, tweaked out of her mind as the Go!-Go!-Go! powder pulsed through her bloodstream, making her feel like she was about to check out for good. Deputies arrested Wheeler and took her to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility to sober up.


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