SHERIFF'S LOG: Booze takes its toll in Mack Town

Tuesday, May 7

11:02 a.m. – On Hidden Terrace Way, a 13-year-old girl was arrested on suspicion of assaulting her grandmother. She was booked into Juvenile Hall.

sheriffslogboxThursday, May 9

8:13 a.m. – A man on a bicycle was reportedly trying to steal stuff from garages on the 1100 block of Hiller Road.

11:06 a.m. – A woman in the 1400 block of Murray Road discovered that there was a substantial charge on her credit card which she did not make.

6:03 p.m. – Eleanor Lanzo was cited for suspicion of shop lifting after she walked out of the Kmart with items that she allegedly did not pay for hidden in her purse.

10:58 p.m. – A report came in that there was an intoxicated male walking around carrying a big stick near the 76 Station on Murray Road. Deputies arrived and found Timothy Wells stumbling down the road. When approached, Mr. Wells asked the deputies if they were as drunk as he was. Deputies decided that Mr. Wells’ festivities were over for the night. He was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in public and violating probation. He was booked into the county jail.

Saturday, May 11

1:10 a.m. – David Hopper was staggering near Central Avenue and Holly Drive. He was booked into the county jail on suspicion of being drunk in public.

1:17 p.m. – Humboldt County Search & Rescue got called out to Strawberry Rock near Trinidad for a report of lost hikers. A man was hiking with a female, a six-year-old child and two dogs. The man got separated from the group. Eventually, the man found his way back to his car. Search and Rescue later found the rest of the group. Everyone was fine.

1:27 p.m. – Heath Courtney decided to spend his day wandering around McKinleyville International Airport  while nice and drunk. He kept wandering into secure areas and had to be told to leave. Then he went to the restaurant and left without paying. Eventually, deputies arrested Mr. Courtney for public intoxication and transported him to the county jail to sober up.

Sunday, May 12

10:36 p.m. – Michelle Mead got liquored up. She was on the ground in the roadway near Barnett and Silverado avenues. She was half on the sidewalk, half in the gutter and in no condition to take care of herself. She was booked into the county drunk tank on suspicion of being drunk in public.

Monday, May 13

12:35 p.m. – Someone stole waders and a chainsaw from a residence on Forson Road. While it’s unknown who committed the crime, there has been continual problems caused by the drug house at 1120 Forson Road. Scummy people come and go from the house night and day.

Tuesday, May 14

2:12 a.m. – A car was sitting outside the Ocean Grove motel in Trinidad minding its own business. A thief or thieves came along and bashed one of its windows, even though the doors were unlocked. Then the battery cables were cut to disable the car alarm. An iPod was taken.

11:26 a.m. – In the 1400 block of Railroad Drive a resident discovered that someone had broken into a locked outbuilding. Power tools and propane tanks were missing.

8:13 p.m. – Matthew Williams was in a dispute with his girlfriend. She was trying to get away from him in her vehicle, while he was chasing her in his vehicle. Unbeknownst to Mr. Williams, the girlfriend led him directly to the McKinleyville Sheriff’s Office. When Mr. Williams realized where he had been led, he turned his car around in the parking lot and sped off. A deputy was in pursuit. Williams continued to evade the deputy as he exceeded the speed limit and nearly caused an accident. Near Hawks View Court and East Bates Road, he was finally pulled over. He was taken into custody at gunpoint. He was arrested on suspicion of reckless driving and for violating parole. He was booked into the county jail.

11:51 p.m. – It was nearly midnight when deputies observed someone lurking behind the Round Table Pizza on Central Avenue. They went to make contact and found a man hiding behind a trash bin. Robert Werner was placed in handcuffs. When Mr. Werner was searched, deputies found drugs and drug paraphernalia. Mr. Werner was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of meth. When asked why he was hanging around a business that was closed, Mr. Werner said he was looking for pizzas that may have been dumped in the trash.


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