Shasta Brown’s Panther Report: Back to school at Mack High

Classes started Aug. 27 at McKinleyville High School, giving students a rude awakening after a long summer without classes. With the beginning of school comes getting up at the crack of dawn and sitting in classrooms for eight hours a day and then getting assigned homework, when all we want to do is have a little more summer.

But it’s not all bad. You get to see friends, some of whom you probably haven’t seen all summer. We all have our own ideas about the first week, so I decided to ask around and get the opinions of students and teachers .

I had the pleasure of sitting down with some amazing teachers and both have such a positive outlook. When asked how it was transitioning from summer into school, a teacher said “I love it. It’s so exciting to see returning students and new faces that I get to know. It’s the best start to a school year I could ask for.”

From the students I got more responses such as “it’s exhausting getting used to new people”  and “coming back is really hard because of social anxiety.”

Some students were positive, saying ”So happy that I get so see everyone again!”

I asked what they thought would help this transition and everyone seemed to agree on having a good sleep schedule and eating a good breakfast are the key.

I asked the students and teachers to describe the start of school in one word. I heard words like eccentric, a dream, surreal and others, not so positive, like exhausting, anxiety filled and many others. I believe that one word is really important because this one week is only the beginning to the rest and that one word is sure to show up again. So make it last.  It’s up to you and you alone to make it great. Also, may share the word I chose? Thriving.

Shasta Brown is a junior at McKinleyville High.





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