Several Stinkhouses, Dead By Day, Feature Furtive Foot Traffic After Dark – March 10, 2010

• Wednesday, January 27 12:51 p.m. “Help, can’t take medicine!” yelled a woman into the phone. She takes 17 different types of medication and got some of them mixed up, resulting in a stomachache and incoherent speech.

2:04 p.m. Mumbled gibberish was also the specialty of a man in comouflage and knit cap holding a trash bag in front of a 13th Street store. Shortly thereafter, a $3 bag o’ chips went missing.

2:29 p.m. A red Aero 80 mo-ped was stolen from Jay Street.

10:06 p.m. Slithy toves were active in the area of Irene Street, trying multiple car doorhandles with the usual success.

• Monday, Feb. 1 1:11 p.m. A mammoth bus adorned with a tarp loomed outside an Eighth Street building, with one of its three-stoner population reportedly exacting harsh justice on a yellow lab puppy. Police found the pup OK, but told the scruffy inhabitants to get their unregistered hulk off the street.

3:33 p.m. Another rolling wreck of a motor home blotted out the landscape for a week in the 2100 block of 11th Street.

• Tuesday, February 2 10:38 a.m. A Northtown pizza restaurant continues to be harassed by free-range chickens.

12:17 p.m. A Holstein cow wandering West End Road was encouraged to moove on.

2:32 p.m. While illegally riding his bike in the Skate Park, a young man fell and was knocked out. While he was unconscious, someone stole his iPod and sweatshirt.

4:57 p.m. A woman reported that another woman with a dog had been “tantalizing” the animal, which came up from behind and bit her.

5:30 p.m. A man in a green jacket was reported “thrusting his hips” in the 1000 block of J Street.

• Wednesday, February 3 9:54 a.m. Immobile, unregistered and unsightly, the White Whale was towed from far west Eighth Street at taxpayer expense.

12:31 p.m. A 30-something man in a green shirt got into an argument with himself at a Uniontown variety store and started throwing things. Who won the argument is not recorded.

3:24 p.m. A woman threatening to drown herself in Valley West was committed.

• Thursday, February 4 12:03 a.m. The City employee who operates the crematorium at the Corp Yard went briefly missing,

2:15 a.m. A man on Percheron Lane reportedly had “a crazy look in his eye,” which turned out to be a bad reaction to some new medication.

7:34 a.m. A bicyclist and truck driver got into an argument on St. Louis Road. The biker grabbed some stuff off the truck and threw it into some bushes, and everyone went on their not-so-merry way.

8:32 a.m. A house on Chester Avenue is redolent with the smell of growing plants. It’s all closed up during the day, but there’s lots of comings and goings at night.

11:45 a.m. A house on 11th Street was again reported at the center of lots of suspicious activity.

4:49 p.m. Someone stole a U.S. and State of California flag in the 3200 block of Janes Road.

4:51 p.m. Eleven granite countertops were stolen from a Valley West construction site.

• Friday, February 5 9:57 a.m. A house near an Old Arcata Road school strongly stinks like growing plants.

9:02 p.m. Three or four adult males were reported in a knife fight at South G and H streets. But the weapons weren’t real, the lads were padded and the whole thing was a medieval re-enactment of some sort. The errant knights were advised about the alarming effect their faux battle had on passersby.

11:21 p.m. A man being kept awake by partying neighbors on Ross Street was upset because he had to get up early and go to work. He said he had “more rights” than they do because he owns his house.

• Saturday, February 7 3:51 p.m. A backpack containing a purse, camera, phone keys and money went missing from a party.

• Sunday, February 8 11:47 a.m. A woman’s purse containing $500 was reported stolen at a friend’s Super Bowl party.

1:45 p.m. A red-bearded man boozed it up at a Uniontown bus stop until warned away.

9:27 p.m. A downstairs tenant at an historic school building in the 1100 block of 16th Street heard people running upsatairs, with doors opening and slamming and drawers being opened and closed. When police arrived, the ghosts of schoolchildren from decades past had had their fun, and nothing material was found awry.


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  1. kevpod said:

    It’s not petty arguing. It’s grappling with a number of serious cannabis-related issues. Most have to do with public safety – fires, home invasions, guns, and the industrialization of neighborhoods – others have to do with the economic monoculture based on cannabis and what will happen to that and the community when cannabis is legalized.

  2. keaaauwahine said:

    God, quit sniping at each other you guys. You Californians, just vote to legalize cannabis so that a true economic recovery can occur. Let California be the pioneer in drug decriminalization and lead the way to a sustainable future for our nation.

    Where I stay, I see 60 year old pillars-of-the-community imprisoned for providing the safest medicine known to man. In Hawaii, the cops still bust people for having a small number of plants. Yet, here, too, the economy thrives as a result of the money from cannabis. Without it, our unemployment figures would be double digit.

    The war on drugs was never anything but an ideological war. But it has now morphed into a war on the poor and working classes. The war on drugs, like the rest of the spurious wars our country engages in, is to benefit the oligarchs.

    Just quit the petty arguing over dope growing in your town. If you don’t like pot, don’t smoke it. But by god, let’s get it legalized.

  3. kevpod said:

    Because *UCK YEAH! in foot-tall letters reflects truly deep thought.

  4. mac craig said:

    I think I have never seen so many shallow minds in ine place!

  5. Spook said:

    I find his style of doing the police reports innovative and amusing.

    As for legalization – it will definitely kill the grow houses, etc, and eventually the cartels because the prices will crash hard and fast, with everyone free to gorow whatever they wish. The sooner the better, I say.

  6. mr. legal bud said:

    The difference amidst recreational consumption and medical use of cannabis begs to be noticed. While I believe that a responsible adult should have the right to use marijuana recreationally, I do think, without doubt, permitting an ill person use of a plant with a long history of medical value should be accepted and legal. Marijuana has a large potential as a medicine and more awareness and acceptance is needed. In Summary, legalize it!

  7. Lawrence Algaier said:

    The duty of a free press is to print the facts. If it is in the police report, it should be printed in the newspaper’s police log. Regardless, if its the report of a accident at the corner of Main and First or the report of a strange odor coming from a house on Broadway. If you don’t want your name in the paper, don’t do things that draw attention to you.

  8. Terrence McNally said:

    My favorite phrase this week is “illegal agent of the law.”

  9. Dayton Dave said:

    Marijuana may eventually be legalized, but you’re fooling yourselves if you think the criminal element is going to just disappear once it is legalized. There will still be illegal grow houses and illegal street sales. There is just too much money in it.

  10. BR said:

    I love how rose does the old blanket job of rousting the hysteria of fear, saying that these “people” come to fill your house with dirt “…and burn it down with you having no recourse.” As if thats what is going on all the time….sad rhetoric.

    The reality is that “people” have been growin’ weed in rentals since the 1980’s-and not just in arcata but throughout humboldt. but now it’s gotten popular thanx to self-promoting whores….errr journalists with no integrity. it’s gotten popular because people like it and will pay for it. it’s gotten popular because there is a place where lanlords can rent their house for $2500/month when it used to be $900/month. it’s gotten popular because their was a cool DA who now changes his tune come elections. it’s gotten popular because the people voted for the decriminalization starting with prop 215!! now that it’s gotten to being popular a few things have happened:
    1. people actually notice their neighbor grows weed,
    2. people hate other people growing because it creates competition
    and the expo$ure of humboldt$ nice little $ecret.

    Let’s face it, EVERYONE in humboldt benefits from weed being grown. whether its in the hills, in the house next door, or now, the growing trend of lighting up “medical factories” in once abandoned local warehouses. Everyone benefits from the money….even you kevin. people who hate you buy your paper to see the BS you shovel, & people who love you buy your embroglios and slanted “eye” view when the local busts happen.

    there are countless others who benefit: the local waitresses/waitors benefit at the local restaurants cuz everyone knows the growers are the only tippers around here. abruzzi’s and plaza grill seem to always have a constant flow on nights they normally shouldn’t….why?? cuz people have dough! nobody minds how well this countys doing economically…but where do we think this money comes from to support an otherwise depressed economy. plaza design benefits when the local g’er wants to pimp their pad with gear, the local wine shop benefits when grower guy spends his loot on Palmes d’ Or champagne, the local contractor benefits, the barber, the minor theatre, the tin can mailman, arcata theatre lounge, the local hair salon, the tax collector, and of course the law enforcement benefit.

    when the last elections came around even the candidates benefitted when the local wanna-bes like mark lovelace and mrs. winkler were able to get elected in a climate of fear-and with your help kevin a promise to slow down the competition. a climate that you, kevin, exacerbated with your sensationalism and self-promotion. a climate that you, rose believe to be true. a climate that has led to the loss of the right to privacy for some citizens and the acts of vigilante-ism by others….an attribute that is most defineltely UN-Humboldt!

    it’s time for everyone to sit back and enjoy not being apart of the same recession that the rest of this country is enduring. let’s not drive out the only economy in this county. it’s the ONE economy that allows for all the others to work. If you don’t believe me keep on driving the growers out of arcata into hills, into mck-town, into garberville…they’ll benefit, arcata won’t. hell it might even become the ghost town kevin and his friends so predicted when a&e did their attrocious job of a documentary.

    a climate of fear is what convinced this country to elect an idiot and allow a senseless war. acting as vigilantes and hunting down our own neighbors because we are being sold this local climate by the likes of kevin and friends….IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE FABRIC OF HUMBOLDT COUNTY. I remember when this county was full of blue-collar, mind your own, live and let live, ingenious types. Now it’s falling apart thanks to the likes of kevin, his paper and his followers. It’s funny the once green party led arcata is now a fascists regime where if you don’t fall in line….then you too must be a “profiteer” who doesn’t care about this community!! That’s total BS…don’t believe the hype.

    KEVIN HAS AN ANGER PROBLEM and he found a forum. He’s no journalist…he doesn’t deserve a paper. His writings are fit for a magazine racked with the likes of the inquirer, tv digest, and the people magazine. We all know you’re an illegal agent of the law hiding behind your journalistic un-integrity. I support this county, that is by and large loving, caring, and understanding people and sometimes that includes a dope grower or two!

  11. Rose said:

    This is a good thing, because ‘medical marijuana’ was a sham from day one. A foot in the door towards legalization. The only good thing about it is that it also put an end to people being busted for a baggie or a joint in their glove box. (In some states that hasn’t changed yet)

    The downside, which none of us anticipated, was that people would come in in, rent your house, fill it up with dirt, and mold and burn it down with you having no recourse. No one anticipated the crime that came with it.

  12. kevpod said:

    Thing is, it’s not about logic. It’s about money. People are heavily invested in this and are counting on business as usual to protect a revenue stream.

    The “medical caregivers” who argued so passionately for patients’ access to cannabis a few years ago during our Land Use Code hearings are now actually, audaciously against legalization because they would lose the franchise.

    But legalization is inexorably coming.

  13. Rose said:

    There are many, many people who appreciate knowing about these things in their neighborhoods. It was longtime silence – and fear – that allowed it to proliferate.

    I agree, legalize it, relegate commercial growing to ag land, return the neighborhoods to actual people, and open up houses to be rented by families and students once again.

    Growers should be paying the exact same business licenses, fees and taxes as any other normal working person or business. they should be subject to all employee laws and regulations, withholding etc. Fair is fair.

    Probably going to take a whole new CAMP-like force – the revenuers – to force compliance with tax laws, because I doubt they will willingly fork over half their incomes – but so be it.

  14. Terrence McNally said:

    The Arcata Eye, in every editorial printed on the matter, has called for the legalization of marijuana.

  15. S.B. said:

    Medical marijuana, bullcrap. It is all for profit.

  16. Korn Lishious said:

    The Eye is like any other printout. Always sides with the cops instead of sanely encouraging legalization. But who cares? Newspapers are going, going, soon gone…

  17. arcataeyeisajoke said:

    …your comments have to be ‘moderated’ before they get posted??? WOW that is some real free speech huh…. who else thinks this guy is irresponsible for posting these kind of wreckless accusations? Please post up, if the gestapo checking the comments thinks you comment is ‘ok’ with them

  18. arcataeyeisajoke said:

    …they writer of this article was reported to smell like sh*t and a total scumbag today as he put suspicion on several houses that he felt contained growing medical marijuana…thus uping the likelihood of home invasion robberies at the residences in the neighborhoods he mentioned…. you should be fired/prosecuted for printing this, putting the neighbors/neighborhoods mentioned at risk of home invasion…

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