Sales for Survivors to raise funds to support women’s health


A SLICE OF HEAVEN All Under Heaven proprietor Gail Rossi and Breast and GYN Health Project Executive Director Rose Gale-Zoellick at the shop, which will donate half its sales on Oct. 1. Janine Volkmar | Union

Janine Volkmar
Mad River Union

HUMBOLDT – Saturday, Oct. 1 starts the month of shopping for survivors of breast cancer. Many stores, restaurants and other businesses around the county designate one day in October on which they donate a percentage of sales to the Breast and GYN Health Project. Others run specials on certain products all month long. (See sidebar.)

That organization offers all kinds of help and services to folks dealing with cancer, specifically breast and gynecologic cancer.

Most participants donate a generous 10 percent, but one Arcata shop is donating an amazing 50 percent of its sales on Oct. 1. All Under Heaven, that Plaza treasure trove of delights from the far corners of the world, is run by a mother, Gail Rossi, and her daughter, Lisken Rossi.

Gail Rossi has a special reason to support the Breast and GYN Health Project, something that happened to her in 2011.

“We’d taken a group of students to Tibet,” she explained. “We were hiking at around 1,600 feet, from early in the morning until dusk. Somehow, I wrecked my foot. I don’t like to visit doctors but after three or four months, I decided to go in. After examining my foot, my doctor said, ‘You’re due for a mammogram.’ And sure enough, they found something.”

Rossi had a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer, but it was treated with both chemotherapy and radiation. Her family had no history of breast cancer, so it “was the last thing in my mind that would happen,” she said. “I'm so grateful for my foot,” she added, “because they found the cancer early.”

She was helped by the services at the Breast and GYN Project. “I got a lot of help there and I had so many questions,” she said. Since then, she’s been supporting the organization with her yearly participation in the Sales for Survivors.

Rose Gale-Zoellick, executive director of the project, explained the history of the sales event. “This is the 13th annual Sales for Survivors,” she said. “Over the last five years, we have raised around $24,000, with 65 businesses participating.”

Gale-Zoellick added that the stores on the Plaza pick Oct. 1 since it is the day of Pastels on the Plaza and many people are in town. Other Arcata businesses participating that day include Arcata Exchange, Art Center, Bubbles, Plaza Shoe Shop, Caravan of Dreams, Northtown Books, Belle Starr and Claudia’s Organic Herbs in the farmers’ market.

“All Under Heaven and several other stores have been part of the Sales for Survivors fundraiser for many years,” Gale-Zoellick said. “Gail  [Rossi] and other Sales for Survivors business supporters are so generous. They give from their hearts as well as their store’s sales.”

All Under Heaven reflects the world travel and experiences of the Rossi family. “After we graduated from HSU, my husband and I spent six years in Australia,” Rossi said. “They needed teachers so they flew us out there. In 1977, my husband got the chance to go to China and he got a job in Beijing in 1980. I’m a weaver and a dyer so I did research in remote provinces, studying their traditional weaving and dyeing techniques.”

“There is such a wealth of the traditional folk arts in the rural areas,” she added.

Rossi brought an exhibit of textiles from the Guizhou Province to America where it traveled to many cities.

“There are so many stories in the textiles,” she said.

The Eureka shop was opened in 1992 and the Arcata shop around 2002. Gale-Zoellick looked around the shop and commented, “I love coming in here for the healing energy.”  Music played softly and the store is bright with colors and textures.

All Under Heaven is located at 735 Eighth St. on the south side of the Arcata Plaza.

The Breast and GYN Health Project is located at 987 Eighth St., at the corner J Street. Services are provided at no charge to clients., (707) 825-8345


During October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – these local businesses are donating 10% (unless otherwise noted) of sales on particular days:

All month: $1 of every Rasberry Lambic sold at Six Rivers Brewery in McKinleville; $1 of every Return of Flor sold at Mad River Brewing in Blue Lake.

• Saturday, Oct. 1: All Under Heaven (50%); Arcata Exchange; Art Center; Belle Starr; Booklegger; Bubbles; Caravan of Dreams; Ciara’s Irish Shop; Claudia’s Organic Herbs (Farmers’ Market); Going Places; Good Relations; Here & There & Vintage (15%); Humboldt Herbals; The Linen Closet; Northtown Books; Plaza Shoe Shop; The Shanty (20%)

• Monday, Oct. 3: Signature Coffee (Redway)

• Tuesday, Oct. 4: It’s Alive Kombucha; Westside Pizza

• Thursday, Oct. 6: Blossoms Florist; Moonstone Grill

• Friday, Oct. 7: Blue Moon Gift Shop; Humboldt Dutch Bros (100%); Plaza; Scrapper’s Edge; Stars Hamburgers (20%)

• Saturday, Oct. 8: Miller Farms; Scrapper’s Edge; Yarn; Zumbathon (Adorni Center)

• Monday, Oct. 10: Soul to Soul Spa and Foot Bar

• Tuesday, Oct. 11: Adventure’s Edge; Lost Coast Brewery Café

• Wednesday, Oct. 12: Fin-N-Feather Pet Shop

• Thursday, Oct. 13: Beachcomber Café (Bayside)

• Friday, Oct. 14: Libation

• Saturday, Oct. 15: Ferndale Clothing Company (20%); Ferndale Emporium (20%); Holly Yashi (both in store and online); Plaza Shoe Shop

• Sunday, Oct. 16: Arcata Scoop

• Tuesday, Oct. 18: 511; The Banana Hut; The Griffin; Plaza Grill

• Wednesday, Oct. 19: Pints for Nonprofits at Mad River Brewing ($1 of all pints sold all day)

• Thursday, Oct. 20:  Abraxas; Beachcomber Café (Trinidad)

• Friday, Oct. 21: Heart Bead

ϖ Saturday, Oct. 22: Fortuna Feed and Garden Center, Annual Fall Expo

• Tuesday, Oct. 25: T’s Cafe North

• Wednesday, Oct. 26:  Abruzzi; Linden & Company Salon & Spa (100%)

ϖ Thursday, Oct. 27:  The Alibi (25%)

• Friday, Oct. 28:  Ramone’s Bakery & Café

• Sunday, Oct. 31: Zumbathon (Bayside Grange), (707) 825-8345


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