Ruth Lake almost full; big waves to slam coast

Ruth Lake. Photo by Jack Durham

Ruth Lake. Photo by Jack Durham

Mad River Union

HUMBOLDT/TRINITY COUNTIES – The water reservoir which supplies Humboldt County’s major population centers is about 89 percent filled and may reach capacity next week, depending on rainfall.

Ruth Lake, located in neighboring Trinity County, has been nearly filled thanks to unusually high rainfall in October. Ruth Lake discharges into the Mad River, which flows 75 miles down from Matthew’s Dam to the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District facility on West End Road east of Arcata. The water is then pumped from wells, filtered and supplied to the communities of McKinleyville, Fieldbrook, Blue Lake, Arcata, Eureka, Cutten, Manila and the Samoa Peninsula.

Last Thursday, Ruth Lake was 75 percent filled, but weekend rains brought that level up to 89 percent. When the lake reaches 100 percent, any additional water that comes into the lake will simply go over the spillway and into the Mad River.

October Rain

The National Weather Service in Eureka measured 10.92 inches of rain in October. Normal for the month is 2.24 inches.

The NWS measured .41 of an inch on Monday and .72 of an inch on Sunday. Last Thursday, Oct. 27, the NWS measured a whopping 1.92 inches of rain, which beat that date’s  record of 1.58 inches set in 1950.

More Rain Coming

The National Weather Service is forecasting mostly dry weather today and Wednesday.  Rain is likely Wednesday night. Another storm may hit on Saturday.

Big Waves!

The National Weather Service has issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook and is warning people about the dangers of sneaker waves.

A series of swells will impact Northwest California beaches beginning Wednesday. The largest swells are forecast to reach the coast on Thursday with breakers approaching 20 feet high.

Beachgoers are encouraged to stay a safe distance from the surf, or better yet just go somewhere else and avoid the danger all together.

You should take these sneaker wave warnings seriously. Check out this video:


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