Ridge Trail Roundabout helps pacify path

The new Arcata Ridge Trail roundabout under construction. KLH | Union

The new Arcata Ridge Trail roundabout under construction. KLH | Eye

Honko Remandabar
Eye Correspondent

ARCATA COMMUNITY FOREST, APRIL 1 – Anticipating a flood of hikers, bikers and horsers, the City of Arcata has completed installation of the first roundabout on the Arcata Ridge Trail.

The new roundabout will safely channel trail users through the heavily traveled Arcata Community Forest.

Encouraged by the news, Environmental Services Director Mark Andre issued his now-routine, yearly prediction that the Ridge Trail will be completed by year’s end.

Aided by a $47 million Caltrans grant, a host of other features will further calm multi-modal traffic along Arcata’s new town-spanning trail.

A series of interpretive signs and peace poles will both educate users and slow their velocity, while burrito bars staffed around the clock by RSVP/VCOR volunteers are to be located every quarter-mile along the trail to help users keep up their strength.

Each burrito station will include a field vape lab, a small tunic display and portable changing room, plus a well-stocked Little Free Library to entice passersby to “stop and smell the Trillium,” as a city brochure puts it.

Culinary advocacy group HUMMETH has offered to aid the effort with a supply of what it termed “inhalants.”


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  1. 2016 Draft Options said:

    Too funny, as if trails today can be justified to even be “developed” when people bring with them 21st century electronic noise making gadgets and other urbanite possessions.

    Secondly, where is the marijuana? Arcata and Cal Trans suggest grant money is available to grade smaller patches for ag purposes, lol.

    Third, lawsuit for non ADA facilities or restrooms……..wait, just take a woodsy outdoor piss like a dog, and if ya gotta take a hefty cinch sack, no worries, just pick up the poop and bag it……..afterall, a human being taking a poop is no worse than a fucking dog……..well, except that in piece of crap America, dogs have more rights over basic bodily functions.

  2. Abe Farag said:

    Bravo, Often at the end of well used trails it it not clear if one should find a way through the thicket or turn back. This will aid those too busy looking at their cell phones to notice the trails has ended to get properly routed back to the start of the trail. Saving countless amounts of park service time spent finding those lost folks late into the nights.

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