Redwood Raks dance studio burglarized

The smashed display case. Photos via Redwood Raks

Kevin L. Hoover
Mad River Union

ARCATA – The Redwood Raks dance studio was burglarized early Monday morning, with $8,000 in equipment and merchandise stolen.

Located in the Old Creamery building, the studio was entered through a forced door. The thief or thieves stole two computers which have since been recovered, and jewelry valued at $3,000.

The jewelry had been amassed by treasurer Linnea Mandell for auction to fund music and dance camp scholarships and grow the dance community.

Emptied jewelry trays.

The overnight break-in was discovered by owner Shoshanna when she went in Monday morning. Arcata Police were notified, and managed to recover the computers almost immediately.

"They were really on it," Shosanna said of the APD response. "They thought they knew who it was."

It didn't appear that the thief had been able to access the data on computers. One has a cracked screen.

Security camera coverage of the area is spotty, but is being reviewed. An additional camera has since been added. The broken door has been reinforced to be more burglar-resistant.

Help Redwood Raks recover – donate replacement auction items

Shoshanna said the culprits apparently emptied a green, flowery bag of scarves and loaded it up with the jewelry.

Emptied and tossed aside.

"All the jewelry was stolen from the Donation Depot that Linnea Mandell has made into a beautiful space to raise funds for dancers and musicians to study their craft," Shoshanna said on Facebook. "Lots of small jewelry donated, but many pieces."

The studio became a non-profit – the Redwood Raks Collective – in February. "Just in time for a global pandemic," Shoshanna said.

Redwood Raks (pronounced "rocks") is holding a World Dance Celebration benefit Saturday night via Zoom.

The suggested ticket donation is $10 to 20 PayPal [email protected]
Zoom MEETING ID: 7076166876, password Raks
(Link won't work until showtime)

"Come to see our little dance show Saturday," Shoshanna asked.

"Thank you to Arcata Police Department for being so on it," she said. "If you can, increase security wherever you can, folks. 2020 is still here."



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