Reckless teenager crashes in Trinidad; car hurls through fence & hits Fusion

The gig is up for a reckless teenage driver from Orick.

The crash site. Photo by Janine Volkmar

The crash site. Photo by Janine Volkmar

Last week, the California Highway Patrol received several reports of a speeding Volkswagen Jetta. Then, early on the morning of Friday, April 19, A CHP officer observed the Jetta speeding down the highway. Due to the Jetta’s high rate of speed, the CHP officer wasn’t able to overtake the vehicle for a traffic stop.

But a little later, at 9:30 a.m., the kid driver lost control of his Jetta at the southbound offramp to Trinidad.

The vehicle crashed through the chain-link fence and struck a parked Ford Fusion at the Caltrans’ Park & Ride lot.

The Jetta was totaled in the accident. The Ford Fusion sustained major damage. The reckless teenager received minor cuts to his left arm. He was turned over to a family member at the scene. Because of the teenager’s age, the CHP didn’t release his name.

The teenager may be liable for the damage to Caltrans’ fence.

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