Rebuilding Bayside Community Hall

COME TOGETHER Maggie Gainer at the recent “Come Together” event at Bayside Community Hall.
Says Maggie: “Since August a team of direct solicitation volunteers, the Come Together event, a kitchen concert series, and our Breakfast in Bayside has raised nearly $50,000. Our goal is to reach $60,000 by the end of the year, to pay for a new roof, gutters, drainage improvements and work on one section of the exterior. Individual donors and business sponsors have been generous. We have just been presented with an extraordinary offer by a local family to match every dollar we raise until March 31, 2019. So, we are urging those who would like the Hall to be upgraded and more attractive for community use, to send in their contributions now.” KLH | Union

Maggie Gainer
Bayside Community Hall

BAYSIDE – Bayside Community Hall’s last two years have been an extraordinary time of revitalization with focus on outreach, volunteer recruitment and modernizing its organizational structure.

Contributions have increased by more than 300 percent in the past two years, membership has increased by 30 percent, and new and younger volunteers are taking leadership roles and serving on the Board of Directors.

The 2018 fall fund drive including the first Come Together fundraising event and a new kitchen concert series has to-date, raised $50,000 for building upgrades and restoration. Among 2018 successes are new partner relationships with several other organizations.

In addition to the responsibility of stewardship for historic Bayside Community Hall, we carry out the organization’s community-building mission by providing an affordable and convenient venue for youth and nonprofit groups.

We are learning new ways the community wants to use the Hall and how to involve greater diversity in the leadership of our all volunteer-run organization. We have learned that active community centers are more important now than ever before.

We are preparing now to present a slate at our December Membership Meeting to fill vacancies on the 2019 Board of Directors.

If you might be interested in serving on the Bayside Community Hall Board of Directors and would like to learn more, please notify us immediately by email with your contact information at [email protected]. Thank you!



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