Racing returns to Redwood Acres

The sheltered grandstands at Redwood Acres Raceway were the place to be on Saturday, April 20 as the wind was blowing and it was cold in the pits.

motorsports.pennyMotorBrandon Barnwell was helping to put a racer tape number 1 on a Thunder Roadster but said he is not the driver. Brandon’s daughter, Allison, who is too young to drive in that class, is the owner of the car that was previously owned by Bruce Ziemer.  The car is being driven by Grandpa, Les Barnwell, and it has been offered to him to drive it the next year and a half. He ran his first race having never driven on a race track before and came out without a scratch on the car.

ROAD RUNNERS:  Jarrett Mayo won the Trophy Dash. In the first of two Heat races, Ryan Leazer took the win followed by Gray Ethridge and Brett Murrell.

In the second Heat race, Ken Barrett took the win with Mayo and Abeyta following. In the Main, Ethridge took the lead but several cars had contact between turns 1 and 2 and the yellow flew.

After the restart, Mayo took the lead followed by Kolby Jackson and Barrett. Barb Paiment, driving for the first time, hit the back straight wall very hard coming out of turn 2 head on and the cars were stopped on the track for the ambulance to come out.  The cars were sent to the pits to clear the track. After a  lengthy delay, the cars came back to the track to restart.  Mayo took the lead and the win with Abeyta in second and Jackson in third.

REAL STOCK:  Tyler Avelar won the Trophy Dash. Leonard Ward took the win in the Heat race followed by Dustin Walters and Avelar.  After the green flag flew in the Main Event, three cars had contact coming into turn one and the yellow was out.  William Ward took the lead with Leonard Ward following.  William brushed the back straight wall and then had contact with the front straight wall coming out of turn 4.  Avelar won with L. Ward in second and W. Ward in third.

THUNDER ROADSTER:  David Henderson won the Trophy Dash.  Paul Peeples Jr. took the win in the Heat race with Henderson and Tommy Payne following.  Peeples, Jr. jumped into the lead in the Main with Chris Sarvinski and Henderson in tow.  Henderson got past Sarvinski but ended up second to Peeples, Jr. with Sarvinski finishing third.

SPORTSMAN:  Brandon Barnwell won the Trophy Dash.  Jerry Peterson got past Barnwell to take the lead and Angelo Marcelli tagged along with him.  Marcelli got past Peterson but the yellow flew when Kenny Demello and Peterson had contact.  After the restart Barnwell got past Marcelli but Marcelli soon took the lead back for the win with Barnwell in second and Al Acuna in third.  In the Main, Peterson took the lead but Marcelli got by Barnwell and then Peterson for the lead.  Marcelli took the win with Peterson following and Demello in third.

Next race will be April 27.


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