Police Seek Robbery Suspect – September 6, 2011

Raymond Eacret

The Arcata Police Department is asking for citizens' help in locating Raymond Jonathan Eacret. Eacret is being sought in connection with an armed robbery that occurred at the Alliance 76 Gas Station near the Westwood Center area of Arcata in the early morning hours of Saturday Aug. 27, 2011.  

Eacret is currently on parole and has an outstanding warrant for his arrest for parole violations.

Eacret was recently imprisoned in the California Institution for Men in Chino. He and his mother, Sheila Eacret, a Westwood-area resident, have had run-ins with the law over methamphetamine use and other problems.

Anyone having information as to Eacret's whereabouts is encouraged to call the Arcata Police Department at (707)822-2428.


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  1. john adams said:

    in responce to matt horns comment on the robbery suspect i think he needs to remember your innocent untill proven guilty. so whos to say raymond eacret is guilty who is matt horns to judge. maybe he robbed the gas station. would he still want the police to beat him down before he went to jail?

  2. kevpod said:

    This is in keeping with today’s favored method of communication – hit and run put-downs, mostly anonymous – as the bulk of the comments here will attest.

    But scoring quick points with insults will never provide any understanding of why we compose stories the way we do, nor do they have any effect on the way we approach news.

    So another way to handle these sorts of objections would be to first ask why the stories include these elements, then evaluate and discuss the response.

  3. Anonymous said:

    I don’t know who the author of this article is but you need to do better research, starting with the fact that the suspect’s mother does not live in the westwood area and has not for sometime. I also would like to know why this newspaper constantly involves putting people’s names in articles they do not belong in. Whether or not Raymond committed or is in connection with this robbery it has nothing to do with his mother. Also when you had an article in your paper pertaining to Sheila, the story had absolutely nothing to do with Raymond, he was even in prison at the time, and yet you brought him up in that article and put down quotes by him that you took off of a facebook page his mother made and wrote. Stop using them in each other’s articles as filler because you are unable to write a full story.

  4. Matt Horns said:

    This bastard is going down. If he is lucky he will go to jail before he gets beat up severely.

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