Police body cameras coming to Rio Dell

Rio Dell PD

Rio Dell Police Chief Graham Hill received authorization at last night’s City Council meeting to proceed with

purchasing and equipping city police vehicles and officers with camera systems. The City Council voted

unanimously to spend $15,397.46 on the cameras, support equipment and also a new restraining device for

the department. The purchases were made possible through State funding set aside in the Governor’s budget

to help cities across California adjust to the AB 109 prison realignment legislation that became law in 2011.

“I believe the safety of our officers and the general public will increase as a result of using the cameras.” Chief

Hill stated. “These systems are not infallible, but in most cases they will provide additional clarity.”

Rio Dell Mayor Frank Wilson stated that the council concurred with Chief Hill’s assessment. “I know that the

Chief has been looking into using these cameras before it became a national issue, and I want to thank him for

this proactive effort.” Wilson concluded by stating. “Rio Dell is one of the last small towns to still operate its

own police force, and because of this we’re a safe town to live in. These cameras are a good addition to

keeping the town safe.”

The department expects to be utilizing the new equipment within the next couple of weeks.



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