Play ping pong, bocce ball at McK Senior Center; Cooking co-op idea explored

What are you doing this Thursday for lunch? At 11 a.m. the McKinleyville Senior Center will be serving a chef salad for $3 as part of our summer mini meals. Fran is in charge and we always get rave reviews for her food.

Are you looking for something to do this summer? The center has a ping pong table, paddles and balls for use during the hours the center is open. We also have a set of bocce balls available. There is a bocce ball court in Pierson Park for people to use. Come play with us.

You can also check out DVDs from our lending library. There is a wide variety of movies, TV shows, travel and comedy DVDs for loan.

Do you have a suggestion for a group or class that you would like to lead? Come talk to me. We have several days and hours with time available for a new group. The group or class would not need to be year round. It can be just a few weeks. Some of the requests we have had include utilizing your cell phone more comfortably, taking better pictures with your digital camera and learning about all those new electronic gadgets like the iPod, Kindle, Nook, handheld scanners and such – keep up with the grandkids and understand what they are talking about.

Don’t forget about our walking group. They meet every Wednesday and Friday at 10:30 at Hiller Park. The group breaks into several smaller groups depending how on fast you walk. Some of the people walk very fast and others like to stroll and enjoy the scenery. You get to pick your group.

What do you think of starting a cooking co-op? Anyone interested? Please leave your name and phone number with the desk hostess Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The idea would be to get together, bring ingredients to make meals, package and take home for later. It would be a way to add variety to your everyday meal planning and maybe learn some new recipes for family gatherings.


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