Phillips House Museum at a standstill

WORKING STIFFS, April 1 –  The ladies of Phillips House Museum have announced a work stoppage as they organize a new union chapter at Arcata’s history haven. Not the ladies and gents of the Historical Sites Society of Arcata, who staff the exhibit-packed museum, but the mannequins who model fashions of yesteryear amid the antiques there. “It’s no tea party, let me tell ya,” said Doris Dummie, a member in good standing, found standing in the living room by the vintage stereoscope. “I’ve been working here 27 years, and all they’ve fed me is the plastic fruit and 1920s spices in the kitchen,” complained Vivian Vim, “and I’ve been a model employee!” The mannequin union’s initial demands are said to include daily dusting, a weekend off every leap year and a change of clothes at least once per decade. Show your solidarity with the eerily motionless at KLH | Union AF




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