Peanut found in McKinleyville! Hungry and tired, but he’s now warm

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McKINLEYVILLE – Rescue dog Peanut, who was missing for two weeks, was found late last night and returned home early this morning to the McKinleyville Animal Care Center. “He is exhausted, starving, and his hind quarters are in bad shape, but he’s home!” declared Jan Carr on the McKinleyville Community Watch Facebook page.

Over the last several days, rescuers received reports that Peanut was spotted on the 1600 block of Babler Road, a neighborhood east of Central Avenue a couple blocks north of McKinleyville Middle School. Despite the reports, rescuers were unable to find Peanut, until last night. Shortly before midnight, Carr received a report that the dog was seen under a trailer at a nearby mobile home park, where a tenant had come home to discover a trash can tipped over and garbage strewn about her yard. “Poor guy was desperately looking for food,” Carr stated.

But by the time Carr arrived on scene, Peanut was gone, Two other rescuers showed up, when a report came in that Peanut back on Babler Road. He was found in a fenced yard. But getting him was no easy task.

Peanut was hiding in a bush, so Carr carefully approached and tried to lure him closer with dog biscuits.

“I had tears of joy, to be seeing Peanut again, after all the heartache, with my own eyes, but still worried he might bolt,” Carr wrote. “He got close enough for me to reach out and touch the tip of his nose. He didn’t move. I gave him another little piece of bone. Then... he slowly turned and walked away, my heart sank. I lost sight of him.”

Then Carr found Peanut behind a shed, where she was able to corner him.

“I slowly crawled through berry bushes to get within about two feet. Peanut stood still. I knew he wanted me to catch him, but he looked so frightened. I spoke to him constantly, and offered bones,” Carr wrote. “I looked down, and saw the purple leash covered in mud! It was right in front of me! I pulled one knee up,and stepped on the leash. Then, the other foot on the leash, I had him!! I wrapped his leash around my hand and arm, until he was directly in front of me. I hugged him, and I think he hugged me back! I called to my fellow team members, ‘I got him!’ Peanut and I crawled back out of the small opening in the gate, and he was eager to get in my car. I tied him in! While I drove to the emergency vet, I gave him love, and tiny bones.”

Peanut with vet staff member Makenzi, upon his arrival at McKinleyville Animal Care Center eaarly this morning. Photo courtesy Jan Carr

Peanut with vet staff member Makenzi, upon his arrival at McKinleyville Animal Care Center eaarly this morning. Photo courtesy Jan Carr

“Peanut will remain at the vet for the time being, until we know he’s healthy enough to go into a foster or adoptive home<” Carr wrote. “And yes, we have a potential foster interested!”
Carr thanks the community and all the volunteers who helped find Peanut.


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