Paul Nicholson: Taxpayers League fills Voter Guide with Measure F falsehoods and distortions

Anti-F’ers say whatever sounds good, true or not

Uri Driscoll does it “again!” I just received my Voter Information Guide. 

Here is a quote from Mr Driscoll’s statement under Argument Against Measure F! 

He wrote, “Why does there appear to no longer be a deficit in AFD’s ledger? Just last year the failed Measure R campaign told us there was a $250,000 deficit hence the need for more taxes.” 

Are you kidding me? 

If Mr. Driscoll would have come to any of the Zoom meetings since Measure R failed, he would know all the reasons. 

Even if he did not come to any of the meetings, everyone knows AFD had to cut costs by losing eight firefighters and closing one station each week on a rotational basis. 

This is deception at its finest and is a horrible thing to do. Many people just read the Voter Information Guide to make a decision. I am sure he knew that! 

Mr. Driscoll, if a person loses an arm they can still lift items. It will be a lot more work, won’t be as safe and it will be less efficient. Failure of Measure R took more than one arm from AFD!

He continues with this comment, “95 percent of AFD calls are medical assistance and do not require a full engine company response. The current policy can change.” More untruths continue also. 

If Mr. Driscoll would have attended just one of the six informational meetings prior to the last election, he would have seen the pie chart that was shown giving a breakdown of the calls:

 • 45.8 percent Rescue/EMS, not 95 percent! 

• 14.9 percent Good Intent Calls like possible fire or injury. AFD always responds just in case. 

• 25.3 percent Service Calls like Lift Assists and more. 

• 6 percent False Alarms: Overpressure, Rupture, Explosion, Over Heat, no Fire. 

• 4.9 percent, Fire.

• 2.9 percent, Hazardous Condition.  

• 0.4 percent Other. 

That’s 3,860 incidents!

Mr. Driscoll’s comment that medical assistance calls don’t require a full engine company response is again deceptive. 

Prior to the failure of Measure R, AFD had fully equipped pickups with gear needed for an EMS and a fire call. 

With the failure of R, AFD lost eight firefighters and had to close one station. 

Now with only two stations, AFD cannot leave the station on an EMS call and “come back” for a fire engine. 

Mr. Driscoll’s help in making Measure R fail added thousands of dollars to the costs of the District with no way to pay for them. 

By taking a $750,000 Fire Engine on every call instead of a $50,000 pickup, thousands of miles are being placed on a $750,000 asset instead of a $50,000 one. 

The Fire Engine will wear out years before its time. Maintenance and repairs are thousands more too. One tire on a Fire Engine costs the same as four tires on a pickup. 

I will be addressing this and a lot more of the deception and untruths of Humboldt County Taxpayers League in a letter to the editor. I will submit my letter to every newspaper. 

It is shameful what Mr. Driscoll has done and continues to do to the residents of our District. Please contact everyone you know and explain these points to them. 

As I mentioned, many people may only read the Voter Information Guide to make their decision so contact everyone please. The safety of our District is in jeopardy! 

Please vote YES on Measure F.

Paul Nicholson is a retired insurance agent with over 39 years of experience.


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