Patti Stammer: Your fortune’s fallin’ all over the town

The McKinleyville Senior Center is not able to reopen yet, but we’re working on it and will be ready when the OK comes from the County Public Health. 

I’ve missed writing for the paper but Zoom fatigue and sloth got to me. Thousands of books and articles are written about aging – how to deal with everything from arthritis to Zoom – attitudes, and platitudes. 

The list is endless and depressing because they all seem undeniably good for me but who has time to keep up with the ever-changing life enhancing list. 

I try to make changes as I age, some work, some don’t. Trying to do this without alienating friends and family, and to deal with loss of those I love is dreadful.

Growing old takes work as does remembering I still have the inclination and the ability to generate what’s needed. Some days everything seems to hurt when I get up in the morning. 

But the little aches and pains remind me that I’m old, not dead.  So, I’ve decided to get up go for a walk, stop isolating myself from things I love and get some exercise. 

What to do first? Last March the McKinleyville Senior Center prepared to start our annual donation drive to connect seniors with technology when the global pandemic began spreading and our communities started to shut down, including the senior center. 

It’s sneaking up on a year and our little spring green collection jars have languished in my garage. So, I got off the couch, dusted off those jars, made twenty-six new ones and talked our executice director and another board member into tramping all over the town to begin hand delivering them.  

This long held tradition at the center began 25 years ago with a penny campaign by one of our founders, Eleanor Sullivan.

We are delighted with pennies, but years of inflation has expanded our outlook to include pennies to twenties. The reception we’ve received from local merchants, even in this stressful time, has been amazing. It’s reaffirmed my belief that if we are to survive this current world-wide mess, shopping local is more important than ever before. 

We are so grateful for all the donations from our generous supporters these past months. And, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has yet to send us a check, so please support local businesses… not all are independent, some are franchises, some are corporate, but they are here serving us. 

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Our communities would not be the same without them. They are supporting our efforts to help our seniors stay connected until we can safely reopen the McKinleyville Senior Center.

If you are a business in Trinidad, McKinleyville, Fieldbrook, Blue Lake, Valley West (or anywhere else) and would like to support our seniors, and have yet to get our cheery little green jar(s), please call me at (707) 845-2817 and I’ll make sure you have as many as you want. 

One last thing…our original jars were big and due to COVID protocols at counters and cash registers, we have multiple sizes to accommodate less space available. 

They’ll be collected weekly with many, many thanks. Mad River Union, Thank you, too.


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