Patti Stammer: McKinleyville Senior Center reopens after holidays

There was a little typo in my last column about the opening of the McKinleyville Senior Center. 

I mentioned that the center was opening on the Jan. 6. Oops. Too many holiday eggnogs. We are resumed our regular schedule on Monday, Jan. 13.  Many volunteers and instructors may still be on vacation so please call( 707) 839-0191 to be certain your activity will meet. 

 Quite a few of those I meet at the McKinleyville Senior Center live in Fieldbrook. I started looking into the history of the area, located about six miles east of McKinleyville and approximately 10 miles northeast of Arcata. T

This area once was home to thriving lumber companies and the workers and their families lived close to the job. A little blurb online said this: “Fieldbrook, formerly Bokmamn’s Prairie and Buckman’s Prairie is located at the right-angle bend where Murray Road becomes Fieldbrook Road. In the mid-1990s it was a stereotypical sleepy country hamlet, with junked cars sitting in weedy yards along the main road in one block, and goats grazing along-side a church in the next. With the decline of the local timber industry, the advent of telecommuting professionals, and the emergence of the North Coast as a retirement destination, Fieldbrook with its mild weather has been undergoing gentrification.” 

The area is still very rural and includes two churches, an elementary school, a grange, a beautiful winery, a well-known apple orchard, and a general store but things are changing! 

The Fieldbrook Market and Eatery is undergoing a change into a great community hang out with music and great food. If you live there, have history you’d like to share, please stop by Monday Mornings at 10 a.m .and share some stories with some remarkable people in the memoirs group who love to listen to great memories

We are hoping to offer three Ollie “brown bag” talks this next year. We’ll keep you posted. And look for “Grandma’s Goodies,” a delicious ongoing fundraiser to support our programs. 

My apologies for the scheduling errors. Our volunteers come and go, and it’s always a mystery to me how everyone ends up in the right places at the right time. 

Just call the Hostess Desk at (707) 839-0191 or Patti at (707) 845-2817 and between all of us we’ll give you the best answers we can muster. 

And as always, subscribe, read the Mad River Union and support your local newspaper! 

Call Jack and Kevin (707) 826-7000 and let them know you appreciate them!


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