Patti Stammer: McK Senior Center plans for reopening

We have received official notification of COVID Compliance measures completed and a few more to be implemented. We hope to be able to reopen the center soon on a limited basis. This is good news and long awaited.

Yesterday Rene Ouintana, our executive director and I picked up the first batch of our Pennies to Twenties donation jars put out last week. Those little green jars were filled with generous donations from our first test week. Thank you to the first round of businesses who let us put them in place and to all of you who contributed! 

With new COVID Safety measures in place, we have different sizes jars to fit on counter tops with limited space. The next round of jars is ready to go and will be in place this next week. If you didn’t get one and would like to help support our programs, please call Patti at (707) 845-2817 and I’ll bring you the perfect size for your countertop. We know some businesses don’t allow donation jars for a variety of reasons. We understand and appreciate the many ways our communities support us to keep the MSC open.

When we are open on a limited basis, we hope to help connect seniors with digital education for cell phones, computers, and Zoom to make the isolation easier. Our services will come back gradually with extreme safety measures in place to keep everyone safe. It won’t be the same for a while, but even minimal connections are welcome in this time of isolation.

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We are also looking for creative solutions for partitions to keep people at safe distances. Please call the center if you’ve got any great ideas. Allowing six to eight people inside at a time is a start but they still need to be masked and distanced to be safe. 

We hope to be able to offer boxed lunches again soon along with other curbside services soon!


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