Parks & Rec to dicuss e-vehicles on trails

Where do the e-bikes and Onewheels fit in? City of Arcata image


Mad River Union

ARCATA – The popularity  of electric bicycles has surprised some users of the Humboldt Bay Trail North.

Along with e-bikes, the onset of electrified “onewheel” skateboards have also signified a change in the overall user experience on the Arcata Marsh-traversing trail.

Arcata’s Parks and Recreation Committee will discuss the use of e-bikes and other electric transportation devices on trails tonight, Sept. 12 at 6 p.m. in City Council Chamber at City Hall, 736 F St.

Along with electric vehicles, the committee will receive an Annie and Mary Trail update and review Valley West Park community comments and finalize a Redwood Park concept.

Committee and staff reports will include a summer camp recap, the new Plaza Task Force, Valley West and Carlson Park, Ennes Park, the pending Futsal court, the Arcata Ball Park, pre-application and development projects and committee reports.


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