Park To Restore Strawberry Creek North Of Orick


The National Park Service (NPS) will begin a project to restore salmon and trout habitat in Strawberry Creek in Redwood National Park near Orick in northern Humboldt County, California. Construction is scheduled to begin in early July.

The project will remove invasive reed canary grass and excavate a free-flowing channel to mimic the natural form of the once-productive salmon and trout stream. Log and rock structures will be placed in the stream to create cover and improve habitat for fish. Native Sitka spruce, alders, and willows will be planted along the new channel to create a riparian canopy. The fast-growing trees will create shade to inhibit invasive grasses from growing back in the channel.

This project is part of a partnership effort to improve habitat for threatened coho salmon and steelhead trout in the lower Redwood Creek watershed and Orick valley. Migratory birds and other wildlife species will also benefit.  Restoration of Strawberry Creek is a partnership among the park, landowners along the creek, and the Pacific Coast, Fish, Wildlife and Wetlands Restoration Association, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Wildlife Conservation Board, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-Coastal Program. Project partners have provided technical assistance and funding to the project. Construction is expected to be completed by mid-fall with riparian planting completed in early-winter 2015.

Information about the project is available on the project home page at . Click on “Document List” to get a copy of the finding of no significant impact that outlines the restoration activities and the environmental impacts of the restoration, and documents the NPS decision to undertake the project.



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    Question for those that may know, why isn’t the Blue Lake hatchery producing more fish? Is there something wrong with hatchery fish? I remember when I was a child that place used to be booming with baby fish.

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