Pandemic Poem, by Shoshanna

The ever-whirling Shoshanna at this year's OysterFest. Matt Filar | Union

Pandemic Poem 

By Shoshanna, June 20, 2020

March took our lives and blew them away
When a pandemic hit and settled in to stay.

Even in Humboldt we can not seem to escape.
As our economy crumbles and in creativity we scrape.

From festivals to sports and from music to art
Corona-cancellations have broken our heart.

As each event falls and we sadly cross it out
It’s so hard not to grumble, to yell, or to pout.

We have to wear masks as we go about town,
And though they are stuffy we keep the complaints down.

We visit farmers market but must stay out of the tree,
Can’t play on the grass, see friends and feel free.

We can’t even hug or kiss you good-bye
And the littlest people don’t even know why.

While we hope that our lives will return in the fall,
Right now it feels Covid has stolen it all.

But some are creative and really each day
Reach out and inspire… they do find a way.

We are finishing old projects and cleaning out rooms,
Connecting with friends in our yards, streets and Zooms.

While devices suck us in and seem to rob us of air
Gardens are blooming everywhere with flourish and flair.

Distance learning is done, at least for this year,
It’s the first day of summer and time for some cheer!

I thank the oysters for today giving me a voice
And invite you to be positive and try to make a choice

To blow bubbles, fly a kite and run wild and free
And to smile and talk to everyone… to you and to me.

Look for ways to help locally and hope that this ends
We’re all in this together… let’s make some new friends.

In a world that feels daunting and too much to bear,
Open your eyes, take a walk, go out for fresh air.

Check in with neighbors, have a nice chat,
Think small and think local, as home is where its at.

Love to all