Our ever-expanding yakiverse – a shaggy cow story

Submitted photos

Mad River Union

A hiker walking where they shouldn’t oughtta – the closed-to-the-public Jacoby Creek Forest (JCF) – was passed on the trail by a big, benign yak, above. Whether it was with the Yaksmen of Olde or new tenders of spirit animals isn’t clear, but nearby was a cache of camoing gear, below.

The photographer theorized that the reclusive yak herder(s) had spotted the hiker, ditched their stuff and hid in order to remain incognito. This year’s restorative tree plantings have been found eaten by goats, lending credence to the yaksmen theory.

Given the dense cougar population of the JCF, any unaccompanied goats or yaks are likely to have a short, exciting life.  

Update: Unless, that is, they bust out of the forest and head for civilization. Wednesday morning, a "shaggy cow" was reported wandering near Jacoby Creek Road. Humboldt County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived to find this yak grazing in someone's front yard.



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