October is Sea Level Rise Awareness Month

LOYA’S LORE Community Development Director David Loya offers climate change and sea level rise information during last Saturday’s Farmers’ Market. KLH | Union

City of Arcata

ARCATA – Do you worry that government won’t do enough to protect us from a changing climate? Wondering how your life would look if you downsized your personal carbon footprint, or if it’s even possible?

In this series of six meetings, led by Patrick Carr, we consider the practical options for reducing climate- changing pollution from our Humboldt lifestyles. Focusing on our housing, transportation, and the food we eat, we consider what it would mean – the pros, the cons, and all that goes along – if we were to live closer in balance with the climate. Sponsored by the Arcata Recreation Division, join Climate Conversations on Wednesdays beginning Oct. 4 to Nov. 8 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Pre-registration is required.

Enroll for this free course at cityofarcata.org/rec. Learn more about Climate Conversations by contacting Patrick Carr directly at (707) 672-5039.

Special sea level rise event Oct. 7

October is Sea Level Rise Awareness Month in Arcata, and the city is embarking on a public awareness campaign regarding potential effects of sea level rise in Arcata, and strategies the City Council is considering in response.

A Community Sea Level Rise Awareness Event takes place Saturday, Oct. 7 beginning at 1 p.m. Join City staff for a trail walk along areas affected by sea level rise. The walk will start at the Marsh Interpretive Center parking lot and will visit areas currently affected during high and king tides, as well as expected impact areas.

Meet at the Arcata Marsh Amphitheatre after the trail walk at 2:30 p.m. for city staff presentations, a question and answer time, and an opportunity to provide feedback that will be passed along to the City Council. Be part of the public process and make your voice heard!

See the winning artist’s work from the Sea Level Rise Awareness Art Contest at Pastels on the Plaza, and speak with City staff again on Oct. 13 at Arts! Arcata.


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