OBITUARY: Reuven (Ronald) Moore, April 16, 1958 – Aug. 4, 2019

Reuven (Ronald) Moore is survived by brothers Daniel and Joseph and sister Devorah, as well as countless friends throughout California, the New York area and Israel, who will miss him greatly. 

Reuven (Ronald) Moore

Reuven’s close friends in Humboldt County are too numerous to mention, but they all have been deeply affected by this caring and joyful man who inspired us with the example of a life filled with simplicity and regard for nature and other humans.

Reuven was known for his love of people, the earth, fresh air and cycling. 

He was a kind and generous soul who shared his passion for outdoors, his time and his strength freely with others.

Reuven loved Yiddishkeit – his Jewish heritage and its many expressions – that reflected his many years from a young man in Flint, Michigan to adulthood living and learning in Yeshiva. He taught freely what he had learned: Jewish prayers, songs, wisdom and ethics as well as Hebrew and Yiddish.

Reuven was a longtime member of the Jewish community of Temple Beth El, Eureka where he studied and read from the Torah, attended services, enjoyed holidays and celebrated many joyous occasions .

Reuven also participated in and learned Torah and Talmud with Rabbi Eliyahu Cowen of Chabad of Humboldt.

Reuven loved the earth and treated it with great respect. He never owned a car, but walked and bicycled. He hiked, ate healthily and kept fit.

He promoted “eco-kosher” – the eating food that is not only kosher but also organically grown.

Reuven spoke kindly and positively about others and was quick to help anyone with a need.

Jewish tradition tells us that at any time there are 36  righteous souls living on the Earth. These are called “lamed-vavnik;” the 36. They are hidden and no one, not even themselves, know who they are. Some thought Reuven could be one of those 36. He was certainly a righteous man and his memory is for a blessing.



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