Obituary: Kinara Ingrid Erickson

Kinara Ingrid Erickson

Kinara Ingrid Erickson

Kinara Ingrid Erickson, a warrior at the age of 39, lost a long battle with cancer on July 5, 2014.

Kinara began her theater career at age five with her first community play, The King and I. Before college she performed with HLOC, PAC, NCRT, FRT, PIP, and at AHS.

Kinara played clarinet, piano, saxophone and was learning violin. However, vocal music was her passion. She sang in numerous choirs locally, at college, and in Germany. Recently she sang with HSU, HUUF, SRCA, AIGC, Heartbeat Chorale and RCC Alumni. Kinara studied dance locally and in college.

Kinara studied at St. Olaf College, and spent a semester abroad in Italy and London. She returned to Europe and lived in Germany for seven years, where her daughter Fiona was born.

Kinara described herself as a polyglot. She studied French at Jacoby Creek School and through college. She also studied Italian, German, Spanish and, recently, Chinese.

She will be missed by her daughter Fiona, parents Abby and Michael Proulx and Tom and Lila Erickson, siblings Ande, Derek, Anthea, Shelly and Bonnie, and close friends Steve and Debi along with a community of friends around the world.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to an account set up for Kinara’s daughter (contact the family), to HUUF or the Humboldt Breast Health Project.

Kinara will be remembered as “Forever Young” at a celebration of life with music and a dessert potluck on Monday, Aug. 4 at 5:30 p.m. at HUUF, Bayside.