OBITUARY: Jerry Chaney

Jerry Chaney (Gerald) died in Arcata, California on February 3, 2019 at the age of 76.  

Jerry was born in Boston, Massachusetts while his father was teaching at MIT during World War II.  

He was welcomed into life by his parents and two sisters, Marjorie, age 18, and Monette, age 14.  

Jerry was born into a pioneer central Texas family and never forgot his Texas roots. When asked if he would see you tomorrow, often his answer was, “If God is willing and the creeks don’t rise.”

Jerry grew up on the Seventeen Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, California. He came to Arcata to attend Humboldt State, earning an undergraduate and a master’s degree, and declared he would never leave the area because of the people and its climate.  

Jerry later bought and further developed West Coast Laboratory. He built his dream home outside Arcata where he enjoyed fine cooking and gardening.  

A bouquet of daffodils from Jerry’s garden was the centerpiece at a memorial service. 

Jerry served his country during the Vietnam War aboard a United States Navy ship.

Jerry enjoyed traveling, especially bicycle trips with his friend Hugh Ramm. Together they toured the Azores and Portugal, Scotland and England over a period of 15 years.  Jerry also made a recent journey down the Rhine River, stopping at towns along the shore. 

Later on this trip he visited Assisi and the Chapel of St. Francis. 

Jerry is survived by his dear friend Carla Rowland and his sister, Marjorie Lyons of Eastland, Maryland. 

He is also survived by nephews Lance, Kevin and Paige Bannerman.  

He was preceded in death by two sisters, Monette Bannerman, buried in Arlington National Cemetery, and his younger sister Jeannie.

Jerry is also survived by his Texas family, including Amanda Smith, Joanne Hueske, Patty Reid, Mary Sue Duty, Max Hatter, Suzanne Anderson, Mac McGinnes, and his 105 year old aunt, Jeannette McGinnes (his mother’s sister), whom he fondly called Auntie.

Jerry will be remembered for his even temperament, his colorful language, his persistence and determination, as well as his love of fine machinery, travel and photography, and his interest in cooking and gardening.

May God hold Jerry in the hollow of His hands until we meet again.





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