Obituary: Charles L. Moon

A memorial and celebration of the life of Charles L. Moon will be held Saturday, Nov. 25 at 1 p.m. at the Lutheran Church, 151 East 16th St. in Arcata. Charles was born Aug. 2, 1922 and died on Oct. 3, 2017.

Charles was raised on a cotton farm near Altus, Oklahoma. He taught himself to play the piano by watching the keys while pumping the pedals on the player piano at age 3. Charles earned two bachelor of arts degrees from the University of Oklahoma in piano performance and music theory. After teaching two years at Wyland Baptist college in Texas he went to earn his master’s degree in music theory at Eastman School of music in 1952.

He started work on his doctorate at Eastman but took a year off to teach piano, music theory and composition at Humboldt State College. One year stretched into many and he retired in 1989 after a long and rewarding academic career. He learned to play the harp one summer which he taught and soloed with the Humboldt Orchestra.

Charles was a World War II veteran and a professor emeritus at Humboldt State University.


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