No Baywood logging decision until at least Aug. 11

HARVEST PLANS Eight areas (highlighted in red) in and around Baywood’s golf course are designated for logging over the next several years. The “back nine” – located in southeastern areas of Baywood’s 140 acres – will be logged first over one or two seasons, with the “front nine” along Buttermilk Lane to the north to follow. The harvest will consist mostly of redwood trees. Modified Google Earth image based on Baywood map

Mad River Union

SUNNY BRAESIDE – Final approval of Baywood Golf and Country Club’s logging plans has been further delayed. Approval of THP 1-17-044HUM had been expected within 15 days of the June 28 Second Review, but that was later put off until Friday, Aug. 4.

Today, Aug. 4, the California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire) posted a request from Baywood’s forester, Cameron Holmgren, requesting a further extension to Friday, Aug. 11 “to allow the Director and Staff more time to address all the THP issues.”

Issues with the THP are many, and continuing. A full story on the latest challenges will appear in the Aug. 9 Union.

As with last week's extension, Dominik Schwab, a forester and resource manager with CalFire in Santa Rosa, said there was no specific problem holding up approval. "We're still evaluating public comment and the plan record as a whole," Schwab said. "We're just trying to be careful."


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