Nicholas Som is dedicated to the McKinleyville Union School District

Nicholas Som
For the Mad River Union

Hello, my name is Nicholas Som. I’m a happily married father of 3 kiddos that all attend McKinleyville Union School District schools. Professionally, I’m a statistician that works on natural resources issues, and I’m also an adjunct professor at Humboldt State University. My family and I love our McKinleyville community, and we’re excited to see it flourish into the future!

Nicholas Som

I’m running to maintain my seat on the McKinleyville Union School District Board of Trustees. I have a strong record of rolling up my sleeves and putting in the work to overcome obstacles and solve problems.

I’m honored that the people of McKinleyville voted me onto the board of trustees back in 2015, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to continue fighting for a high quality, equitable educational experience for all MUSD students.

I started my school board tenure with a strong record of serving the children of our community, be it coaching kids sports teams, serving on school site councils, or involvement with our district PTO. 

While I have continued to coach and volunteer, serving on the current school board has given me an opportunity to work collaboratively with the other board members and the administration to achieve many successes that include:

• The further development of our dual language program that provides a unique educational opportunity and draws families into our district from other communities

• Creating a STEAM focused learning program to ensure our students are prepared to meet the challenges that await them when they move on from our district

• Saving the residents of McKinleyville over $30,000,000 with an aggressive approach to bond refinancing

• Pushing proactive budgeting strategies to be prepared for unplanned expenditures

• Tapping into grant funds to build one of the most accelerated electric bus fleets in the state of California

• Dramatically improving the frequency and methods of communication between our families and their school sites

• Working on a respectful relationship between the board and the district’s teachers and staff

• Starting a data-driven and focused approach to address shortcomings in our standardized test scores

That said, there will always be challenges and ways in which our district should improve, and some of the issues I hope to address in a second term include:

•We need to strive for special education support services that lead to more equitable learning outcomes for kids with learning challenges

• We need to make sure our schools are places that all students feel safe and RELEVANT, and this is especially true for our students of color

• We need to do a better job engaging with the rich tribal history of our area

• We need to parlay the recently stabilized administrative leadership team in our district into long-term increases in enrollment

• We need to continue to evolve our communication methods to remain current with constantly changing technologies

• We need to rise out of the economic and social hardships caused by the pandemic with a focus on student achievement

People of McKinleyville – I continue to want to hear from you! I promise to continue responding to all emails and contacts, and I will also continue to hold virtual community forums. More importantly, I will continue to listen and consider everyone’s opinions and concerns, and route all concerns to the appropriate people for getting issues resolved.

I’m honored to have been nominated and voted in as board president by my fellow board members for the last several years. Having served on the board as a trustee and president, I’ve seen the district through great times, and helped lead us in a positive direction when things haven’t gone as planned. 

I pledge to use this experience to help our district emerge from current and future challenges. As a community and district, we can not let the extreme challenges of the pandemic prevent us from making progress in the areas we need to improve. 

This pandemic will end, and I’ll still be here working hard for the children of our community to improve student achievement and overcome any other challenges that come our way. Please support my campaign and continue to support the students of McKinleyville!


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