NCRT: Honoring your support

I’ve made no secret of how much North Coast Repertory Theatre’s survival has depended on the generosity and on-going support of so many of you. To each and everyone of you who has donated or remained a contributing member, you are the reason NCRT is managing. Period.  

And I’ve spent a lot of time over all these months thinking about how to honor and respect that support. In the early days, I considered introducing extras like member-exclusive events or other shows of appreciation.  

While those are all still very much on the table, as this period continues to drag on it has become very clear to me we have to go bigger than that.

That’s why I’ve decided to introduce our Member Loyalty Program. It’s a fancy name for a simple concept. What it means is that if you’ve paid for a ticket, either by paying by the year or being a continuing member paying monthly, we will honor that ticket once it becomes safe and responsible to put on shows again. And to be clear, this will also be retroactive as well.

Of course, I realize if you continue to support NCRT (which I certainly hope you do!) after this period has passed, you may end up with a surplus of tickets – those tickets are great to bring friends with you (I don’t know about you, but I can’t express how much I look forward to big, laughing groups of my friends again...).  

They’ll make great gifts to friends and family, and also we’re providing another option: If requested, we will mail your accumulated tickets to the non-profit or other community organization of your choice, along with a note acknowledging your donation. This way, you can pay forwards your support of NCRT.

We’ve updated our website as well with information on this new program, and I definitely encourage anyone and everyone to consider helping and contributing to NCRT, or passing this along to your friends (  

The reality is NCRT still needs your help more than ever right now, and unfortunately that’s unlikely to change any time in the immediate future. COVID-19 is still devastating the live entertainment industry in ways that are almost impossible to comprehend. 

Some surveys have predicted at least 90 percent of live entertainment venues are going under by next year.  The Senate has gone on recess until Nov. 9, and the likelihood of future stimulus in 2020 is looking increasingly bleak. The cavalry’s not coming. Each and every one of you who contribute to NCRT are who are holding the line. It’s all you. And I continue, always, to be incredibly grateful.

All my best, always.

Calder Johnson is the managing artistic director of NCRT.



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